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Comment Re: Turtles (Score 2) 830

The simulations within simulations would each be smaller or you would run into storage problems. Since our universe is not infinitely big the simulations we would eventually create would be less interesting than our universe, and if there was ever a simulation in that simulation it would be less interesting still. And so on, up to a point were a simulation really doesn't make any sense anymore. This in my opinion reduces the chance that we're living in a simulation. Now if our universe also has a finite lifetime it would certainly diminish the chances for us living in a simulation. Let's say that about half way the lifetime of our universe we are so far advanced that we can create a meaningful simulation of a universe. If the simulation would only be half the size as our universe but would run twice as slow we would need 13 billion years before we could watch some earthling like intelligence pop up. It would be very dull indeed. But by the time it would the 'people' in our simulation would be so advanced that they could start their own simulation, our time would be up. And from that, theirs as well.

Nah, I think I'm real.

Comment Re:And when are they going to allow 7 Enterprise.. (Score 3, Interesting) 581

I predict new pc sales will go through the roof. My dad asked me to upgrade his laptop to windows 10. Three hours later, he had a new OS, but without wifi and lan. That's the time I realized his laptop is too old. Tried a quick search for drivers, put them on a usb stick etc, but couldn't get it to work within half an hour. To put an end to the frustration I bought him a new laptop. Yeah, maybe I shouldn't have given up so soon, but it's better for everyone this way.

Comment Re:Scrum Was Never Alive (Score 0) 371

I have a new methodology! It is time-tested, scales like there's no tomorrow and best of all: it's free, for all!

In the best traditions of methodologies, its name is an acronym: JSWASTM!

One bad thing: you cannot learn this methodology in a $15k course. That would go against its very nature.

JSWASTM stands for Just Start Working And Screw Those Meetings.

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