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Comment Re:Refrain (Score 1) 336

I'm curious on this one. From when .NET first came till now, I've yet* to see something based in that server side in any place I've been professionally working.
And BTW I'm interested in other people's experience on this, i keep an eye in technology that i don't particularly like. Just in case.

* Yes, being working only on UNIX probably my view is distorted. But no, being working in data centers with mixed UNIX/MS systems in my experience the only MS stuff you see in those places is Exchange, some solitary ISA / IIS / ASP / .NET servers for the intranet and that's it. Note that i'm not counting the client side part.

Comment Re:Netflix (Score 1) 336

Netflix moves a huge amount of video on the web, so I doubt it's that unpopular. Most people seem to be accessing it on their TVs, XBoxes and Roku style set top boxes though.

Netflix FWIK is limited to the US market. /me checking... :

Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country... yet

(I'm in EU)

On top of that, who wants to rip Netflix streams when you can get way better quality on the Bittorrent version?

And when it's not even impossible to do it even now

Comment Re:US and UK, best friends forever (Score 1) 268

Hi neighbor.

I cant agree more on what you say about the western "masters of puppets", expecialy in our region. Some of us more "blessed" than others in a point in time and all the opposite some other point in time.

I'm curious as what will happen next looking at the present, free market and finance mixed with greed and ignorance changed the world more than once, like this. What is different now is the new possibilities technology, especially instant communications and the big knowledge base that Internet brings in the table this time.

I'm albanian (from Albania, not Kosovo) BTW.

Comment Re:Totally off base (Score 1) 354

Must of what you said is true and fair, but i call bullshit on this:

Debian was one of the reasons that AMD64 support is as good as it is under Linux. The Redhat, gentoo, and slackware users that use the 64bit versions are benefiting from Debian getting their distribution to run on 64 bit platforms for years.

FWIK it was Andi Kleen from SuSE to port linux's kernel on AMD64. Quick googling:

Comment Re:CentOS anyone? (Score 1) 354

That is not my experience. At all the places i've worked as a consultant in IT the only linux distro i've seen is RH. That is 10 years working on unix servers. Another thing that i've noticed is that non commercial distros are automatically banned, there should be some commercial entity with whom to share the blame when something goes wrong.
Maybe it's just Italy? I'm really curious on this.

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