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Comment Law Enforcement Doesn't want the Technology (Score 5, Insightful) 555

The police routinely ensure that they are excluded from smart gun mandates. First because they require maximum reliability from their weapons and so-called smart technology adds another failure path. Second, the technology results in significant increase in cost. Why would the civilian population want these same problems?

Comment Microsoft didn't fail anyone (Score -1) 189

Actual Fans of Windows Phone can get Windows 10 mobile for any supported device via the Windows Insider program. I've been running it for months on my Lumia 830, and it is nearly trivially easy to get. And new 950/950XL devices come with Windows 10 Mobile factory installed. So this report is merely a giant fail.

Comment Re:The last sentence in the summary... (Score -1) 232

Canada...had another record breaking hot summer, and expecting another winter with hardly any snow in the Vancouver region. 10-15 years ago, we used to actually get snow over here.

Bunk! I lived in Vancouver back then, and at most we would get 1 or 2 days of snow. Bid deal, we still get that. I live now in Vancouver Washington, about 6 hours south of Vancouver BC, and we had a week of cold last summer that allowed us to skate on the local pond.

Comment Re:Love camera phones (Score 0) 182

I've got iPhone 4, Nokia 920, Nikon LS120, and Canon Rebel T3. For taking product photos (and I am not a professional), the T3 blows all others out of the water. The LS120 is somewhat disappointing given the specs, and the 920 easily takes better photos than the iPhone 4.

Surprisingly, the Nokia 920 takes the best video of the bunch, at least when it comes to my son's hockey games. I haven't taken any video with the T3, so I guess my statement is somewhat stupid.

Comment Re:Not being well reviewed ... (Score 1, Insightful) 616

So it does all those things you claim users don't want. How does that prevent Surface from doing all the things users do want?

Let's see... streaming video from Hulu, Netflix, Amazon? Yep. Lots of games? Yep. Take photos and mess around with them? Yep. Take notes? Yep. A UI that is fun to use? Yep. Skydrive / cloud storage? Yep. Nice looking device? Yep.

What exactly are these missing features that everyone wants that they can get from Android and iPad tablets??

Comment Almost There (Score -1) 616

I really like the Surface Pro, but it's a little out of my price range. I picked up a Lenovo touchscreen laptop with 13" screen for $450 and it's fantastic. The touchscreen interface is extremely intuitive and fun to use. Though I find myself reaching to scroll windows and click buttons on my other laptops and desktop monitors now, argh. I think Surface will be a hit, especially if all the MS haters will just STFU and judge the product independent of the source. Me, I hate Apple, and I want iTunes to die a horrible death. That doesn't mean there's anything wrong with Apple or iTunes, it's just a matter of taste. That said, I won't be missing Balmer. And Gnome, don't even think about doing away with middle click paste, that's got to be the best Linux UI feature ever.

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