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Comment Re: Serious he missed the 2 biggest problems I've (Score 2) 497

I currently work in a project where:
- there are no schedules or estimates,
- everyone seems to believe that tickets with a three-word title and an empty description fit the definition of "spec", and
- answering questions with just "yes" or "no" sometimes takes weeks, even if the ticket is urgent and not answering the question blocks further work on the ticket, and
- the codebase shows attempts at following every programming technique, concept, trend or fad from the last 10 years.

Fortunately, it's not as bad as it sounds because all the current BAs, developers and DBAs are making a great effort to improve things, but it's still bad.

Comment Re:Serious he missed the 2 biggest problems I've h (Score 1) 497

I would put it like this: if you have a good PM, he or she will choose the right tools for the project (Scrum, XP, Kanban, pair programming, waterfall, whatever) and the right people (developers, QA, BA, etc), and will customize the tools as needed. If you have a bad PM, or the budget doesn't allow for putting together a good team, then it doesn't matter which tools are used.

Comment Re:Serious he missed the 2 biggest problems I've h (Score 3, Interesting) 497

Agile is meant to help you learn about the problem domain. If you already know everything about the problem, there's no need for Agile. If somebody else already knows everything about the problem and you can hire him/her, the do it - no need for Agile. If nobody knows everything about the problem because it's a new problem that no one else has worked on yet or a new approach to a known problem, then you definitely need Agile or something similar to help you produce something that works at the same time that you are learning about the problem.

Comment Re:I didn't realize "Note" was a brand (Score 1) 158

I agree - I live in Argentina, and I have never used a phone that could not be configured to use English. In fact, I always configure my phones to use English for everything except perhaps for the keyboard layout and autocorrect dictionary, because I hate seeing errors in Spanish translations, and menu options tend to be too long and not fit.

Comment Re: Is it still spyware? (Score 1) 176

In their case, it seems it happened because they don't care enough for security. Most of us don't, at least until something bad happens, but the odds are reduced and the consequences are often alleviated because someone else did care and implemented security measures that we depend on, possibly without even noticing. It appears that Mint doesn't have enough resources (if any) devoted to security, at least not like Ubuntu, Apple, Google and even MS do.

So yes, it could happen to anyone, but from what I read it looks like they had it coming.

Comment Re:File a Complaint (Score 1) 172

Something similar happens to me in Argentina. There is a telemarketing agency in another province that offers DirectTV, ADT, and ISP services from Movistar. If you call DirectTV, ADT and Movistar they will tell you that they are not calling me, that they don't have anything to do with the calls and that they can't do anything to stop the calls. That is not completely true: it is obvious that the same telemarketing agency is calling me to offer DirectTV, ADT and Movistar services, so it is true that they are not calling me., but they do have some kind of relationship, otherwise the agency would call me. I report them to the National Do Not Call registry, but nothing happens, so the best option is to waste their time.

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