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Comment Re:Watches are worn as bling (Score 1) 210

I wear a watch because I like to be able to tell the time without whipping out a phone for the same purpose. Especially if I'm driving, in a meeting, running or whatever. I can also time myself, set an alarm and a few other things. The screen is always on, it has a nice big display, it's waterproof, the battery has lasted 18 months and I expect I'll get at least another 6-12 months more out of it and it cost me the grand sum of €20.

Watches aren't just for bling, they're there to tell the time. A watch that needs to charge constantly, or needs to be pushed / shaken to show the time, or is hard to read in sunlight is a pain in the ass. That's why "smart" watches fail. They compromise the most basic function that they are supposed to perform. Instead we get shit like wrist cameras, half assed phone sync functionality, heart rate monitors etc. If someone produces a smart watch that tells the time with an always-on display, that works in and out of doors, that lasts weeks or months between charges then we might be getting somewhere. The other stuff is merely a bonus at that point.

Comment Re:it's a terrible SUV (Score 2) 48

Those gull wing doors were always a gimmick, a "hook" to ensure coverage for the vehicle. I'm sure it's neat to watch them ponderously open and close via sensors, hydraulics and motors but there is a simpler, cheaper and practical solution - a regular car door, and if necessary a little catch on the mid row seats that slides them forward or tilts them. The regular door keeps out the rain, opens and closes more quickly, doesn't need a bunch of electronics to function and does the same job.

It's notable that the gull wing doors are always demoed in tight spaces because that's about the only place they tenuously offer any advantage, but since the front row has regular doors I'm not sure how that's supposed to make sense either.

Comment It sounds more attractive with every detail (Score 1) 204

Being outcast to a mining colony on a barren planet where the very air is toxic and robots might turn against their masters. The only question before I book passage is whether I should buy the regular space suit or stump the extra cash for the one with a "ludicrous" 60 minutes of extra oxygen.

Comment Re: We believe... (Score 1) 630

Double blind studies in medicine must pass an ethics test. I have already told you with a simple analogy why such a test with vaccinations would fail that test and the penny hasn't dropped. So no you are not right, you are merely thick. Here is a longer article explaining the point if my simple sentence wasn't obvious enough for you.

As for charts, the fall off in incidences of disease exactly correspond with the uptake in vaccination. As does the opposite, that when vaccination rates decline, outbreaks increase. Denying it is pathetic.

Comment Re:Unicode? Can you speak it? (Score 1) 49

Shouldn't need to replace anything, just not mangle it in the first place. Assume that all text is potentially UTF-8 and life becomes a lot easier. In practice it hardly makes any difference to how code is treated providing you don't truncate text in the middle of a code point or make bad assumptions such as byte length == number of displayable characters. If it's getting mangled it is probably because a script or database is changing the character encoding somewhere along the line.

Comment Re:Is that all (Score 1) 630

I'm not sure Wakefield has admitted anything though I could be wrong. My understanding is he got struck off for massive conflicts of interest and has since been playing to the anti-vax crowd in the US attending various alt-health conferences. I read one amusing article on Popular Mechanics where he was a guest speaker on a conspiracy / woo cruise. He's clearly scraping the bottom of the barrel these days but still apparently unrepentant.

Comment Re:Is that all (Score 1) 630

The evidence is the near eradication of various contagious diseases in countries that practice vaccination.

As for why there are no randomized, double blind trials, let's work through the ethics of that particular question. Split a village of children in two halves, administer a dummy vaccine to one half and an active vaccine to the other. Observe how many children from each group die as a result of disease. Oh....

Comment Re:Is that all (Score 1) 630

It is in this case.

A person in working in medicine has a professional obligation to "do no harm". In the case of nurses and midwives in Australia that means abiding by the codes of ethics, standards, duty of care that make up their profession. The very first line of the nurse's standards for practice says "Registered nurse (RN) practice is person-centred and evidence-based with preventative, curative, formative, supportive, restorative and palliative elements". Later sections emphasize critical thinking including using the best available evidence.

Any registered nurse / midwife promoting woo has instantly failed their own standards of practice. The can spout whatever bollocks they like outside of a medical profession. Inside of it, there are rules to follow.

Comment Re:Is that all (Score 1) 630

Some parents might well believe that. Other parents might have concerns about vaccinations especially with all the misinformation going around. That is no excuse for registered nurses and midwives to promulgate woo or antivax nonsense. They are expected to offer sound advice based on best medical practice. If they can't do that, they do not deserve to hold their profession.

Comment Re:OMFG HE HAD A SERVER IN AMERICA?!!? (Score 1) 80

The "retarded point" is that by operating a server facilitating piracy and copyright theft on US soil he stands accused of committing a crime in that jurisdiction and therefore he faces extradition. Most countries will extradite if the crime committed in the other jurisdiction has a comparable offence and in their own. So it's up to the lawyers to persuade the courts that he could not be tried in for such an offence in Poland to stand any chance for the extradition to fail.

Comment Re:The commercial reads like a dystopia. (Score 1) 269

I'm reminded of the ads for the Nintendo Wii. They showed people swinging their Wii controller around like a samurai sword because of course playing Red Steel exactly like that.

This time they're trying to pretend that a bunch of dudes are all going to have a spontaneous party huddled around a 7" display. That isn't going to happen either.

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