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Submission + - Chris Lattner leaves Apple to join Tesla (

carlhaagen writes: "We would like to welcome Chris Lattner, who will join Tesla as our Vice President of Autopilot Software. Chris’s reputation for engineering excellence is well known. He comes to Tesla after 11 years at Apple where he was primarily responsible for creating Swift, the programming language for building apps on Apple platforms and one of the fastest growing languages for doing so on Linux. Prior to Apple, Chris was lead author of the LLVM Compiler Infrastructure, an open source umbrella project that is widely used in commercial products and academic research today."

Comment As someone suffering from chronic insomnia (Score 1) 230

...and someone who has the bad habit of using their laptop in bed: yes, it helps. It's a medically and scientifically established fact that blue light stops production of melatonin while triggering production of serotonin. I've used F.lux for 5-6 years now, and while it doesn't solve all of my problems it has made great differences in my ability to mentally and physically "wind down" before sleep.

Comment Is it as treacherous as Ingress? (Score 3, Interesting) 104

Niantic's first game, Ingress, is quite similar. Run around in the real world, GPS on, game constantly updating Google/Niantic's servers about where you are. Niantic is a Google enterprise, btw., and here's the kicker: once you're hooked on the game and you are about to level up to level 3 (maybe 15 hours of playing or so), you are required to "verify" your account to be able to continue playing, by giving Google your phone number to get a "confirmation SMS", effectively linking your real person to all past and future movement data of where you have been, at what times, during what days. How's that for creepy and treacherous? If this isn't the equivalent of having a GPS tracker on your person, I don't know what is. Boycott that shit. Surely Pokemon Go is the exact same stuff? Just one step further, with your phone letting "them" see what you see, in addition to engaging a shitload of more people to keep track on.

Comment Simple problem with a simple solution (Score 5, Informative) 131

As a sailor who use GPS alongside traditional navigation: stop using devices that poll and insert a new leg on your route every 5 seconds. If you lower the polling frequency to f.e. every 1 or 2 minutes this problem goes away. I realize that this doesn't work for people who insist on taking their morning run zig-zagging through city blocks.

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