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Comment I'm trying PFSense and an APU kit (Score 1) 238

I just ordered one of these kits: http://store.netgate.com/kit-A... to use with PFSense. I haven't set it up yet, but many people seem happy with a similar bits. PFSense seems well-respected and relatively easy-to-use. Since it is FreeBSD under the hood, I should also be able to run my AP/Wifi management services on it (outside of the home, I'd probably insist on a separate VM for this).

Comment It helps (Score 1) 1002

It really does help a lot. Frankly, the only reason I go to the office sometimes is for the double monitor setup, as I only have one at home. Otherwise I would work remotely. We have 3:2 aspect double monitors for our crew and lately new hires have been wailing about the size, resolution, and ratio. According to them we are in the dark ages and everybody works on double or triple huge widescreen monitors now. I'm don't doubt that these are even better, but these requests have earned a good spot in the middle of the IT priority list and budget. They'll upgrade us when some get some bigger fish fried.

Comment Pixel QI Screens (Score 3, Interesting) 324

I almost don't care about the operating system of a tablet, as long as it is well supported, as I suspect that in the future many tablet applications with be HTML5-based. But I really really really care about the screen. I want a Pixel QI(OLPC) style screen that works in light emitting and non-emitting mode, so that it can be used as a normal tablet, as an e-reader, and viewed in full sunlight.

Comment Re:No more hardware (Score 1) 91

I don't think that is true. I think they realize that they will be leaving opportunities on the table if they require their customers to run Oracle hardware. There are too many "HP shops" and "Dell shops" that don't stray from their vendor. Oracle still wants to sell their OS+Database combo's even if they don't get the hardware for the triple-word-score. One of Sun's greatest mistakes was not understanding the importance of customers with heterogeneous environments. And yet oddly, being "open" (before it was "open source") was their gig... integrating lots of different stuff on one server, where before it was single vendor or dedicated server.

Comment Would VirtualBox (or something) help? (Score 1) 484

I'm not sure if this is possible, just throwing it out there... Could you install a virtualized OS instance on all these hosts, with VirtualBox or VMWare, on each computer? If so AND you were able to access the raw drives and the hosts files from the vhost (with some magic that I'm not aware of), you could use a filesystem native to the vhost but not to the metal host.

Comment Re:The best ESATA isn't really ESATA at all. (Score 1) 210

Maybe it isn't justified for this purpose, but SAS doesn't have to be exponentially more expensive. First, why bother? Well, eSATA sucks compared to SAS. SAS is faster, better error reporting, more options, better drives, better cables, better controllers, and far more expandable in a huge way. Now, price... Seagate has 7200rpm ES2 SAS drives that are only a few bucks more than SATA drives. If neccessary, you can add a couple of 15k drives for intensive tasks (video editing?) alongside 7.2k drives for archival. All that without slowing the bus to SATA speeds (you can mix SAS & SATA, but it slows the bus to SATA speed). It can be a huge bargain. To the grandparent post: just buy the 4U supermicro chassis (plus JBOD power control board) that has a backplane with an expander (or two). These allow you to stack up and span out as far as your controller/bus can run. You could also just throw a motherboard in it and run OpenFilter or Nexenta to have a real storage server that does FTP, NFS, CIFS & iSCSI. Plus snapshots and such.

Comment Re:Don't give that much credit. (Score 1) 221

I don't think this is true any longer, at least not for their entire line. I just bought an Intel server from them that gave amazing bang for the buck. I'm very pleased with it and plan on buying a few more.

8 cpu's, 32gb memory, and LOM in 1U for $8k?

That's a pretty cheap server.

I wish they hadn't decided to shun the fastest growing unix community in the world by reinventing the wheel with OpenSolaris. They should have followed Nexenta's lead and buddied up with Debian & Ubuntu. As it stands, I'm destined to be in "hand rolled hell" in order to continue using SUNW Solaris.

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