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Comment Can-do spirit (Score 1) 531

I don't think you guys get it. The astronauts are sad because the entire thinking of the American elite is "do with less" - at least for the regular people. When I was younger I used to think: how did those guys build the Hoover dam back 1930's, how did they go to the moon in 1960's, how did they go to the bottom of the ocean (Mariana's Trench) in the 1960's, how did we build the tallest skyscrapers. Now we do none of that. There's no "can-do" attitude. There's only what can "I get for free from the government".

Comment Re:Newsflash (Score 0) 129

Oh knock it off countsodoku. I have many friends that served in the military and they love their personal guns and they don't shoot anybody. It's called a metaphor. Just words. And I'm a conservative that programs computers for a living. It's quite true that liberals are pretty poor on the second amendment. And it's people like you that help to inflame the public discussion. Where do liberals get off demonizing everybody that disagrees with them? It's obvious that the country is about half/half liberals vs conservative. And yet too many liberals truly, truly believe that conservatives don't have legitimate viewpoints. It's just unacceptable

Comment Re:At what point does ythis break down? (Score 1) 310

Silly liberal slashdotters. Your flawed argument is that is a good thing to rachet up CAFE standards (Big Gov controls) because it forces us to become more efficient. Indeed it's a good thing that the price of oil is going up - for the same reason. But this hurts the automotive, airline, and trucking industries very much. Oh you don't care. Well maybe we should triple the price of computers - to discourage their use. And triple the price of your internet connection (all by gov fiat). By your logic this would be great. Discourage use, less footprint, save energy.

Submission + - More examples of PC overhype. (

captainwisdom writes: "Another example of previous PC overhype. This time on the UN figures on AIDS. From the MSNBC article: "Previous estimates of 39 million were inflated, global health officials say. LONDON — The number of AIDS cases worldwide fell by more than 6 million cases this year to 33.2 million, global health officials said Tuesday. But the decline is mostly on paper. Previous estimates were largely inflated, and the new numbers are the result of a new methodology. They show AIDS cases in 2007 were down from almost 39.5 million last year, according to the World Health Organization and the United Nations AIDS agency." Not everyone agrees. Some critics have accused the U.N. of inflating its AIDS numbers, and say the revised figures are long overdue. "They've finally got caught with their pants down," said Dr. Jim Chin, a clinical professor of epidemiology at the University of California at Berkeley. Chin is a former WHO staffer and the author of "The AIDS Pandemic: The Collision of Epidemiology with Political Correctness.""

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