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Comment SBIRS (Score 1) 172

SBIRS, can't kill it, can't make it live.

I'm guessing that a defense contract that's 4 times it's initial budget and 10 years late doesn't have the time to worry about filtering out the non-classified data to give to scientists. IR data is very very noisy so it's pretty difficult to separate out the parts you care about vs the noise.

Comment Re:Apple cannot block and it's not illegal (Score 1) 338

What about basic trademark infringement? It is for sure illegal for another company to pretend to be some other company, especially through the use of its name. Who's to say that the same can be said of a device. That the device is made by Palm is pretending to be a device made by Apple and hence infringing upon the trademark by Apple and devaluing Apple's brand. My vote is that there will be a lawsuit, how it ends up is anybody's guess.

Submission + - Teacher asking students to destory notes 2

zwei2stein writes: I found this question with far reaching implications in offtopic section of one forum: My economics teacher is forcing us to give up all of our work for the semester. Every page of notes, and paper must be turned over to her to be destroyed to prevent future students from copying it. My binder was in my backpack, and she went into my backpack, and took my binder. Is that legal? Besides of issue with private property invasion which was trigger of that post, there is much more important question: Can teacher ask student not to retain knowledge? Can school command pupils to become ignorant once again? How does IP law relate to teaching? Whose property are those notes?

Submission + - 2 killed in SpaceShipTwo motor test explosion (cnn.com)

RZG writes: Two people were killed and 4 were injured during a "cold fire test" of the motor for SpaceShipTwo. This obviously is a setback for Virgin Galactic and the non-government space community in general. "Aerial video of the blast aftermath showed a charred and twisted flatbed trailer attached to a truck cab with a large silver tank next to it. Large pieces of debris appeared to be strewn for hundreds of yards from the center."

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