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Comment couples with joint accounts? (Score 1) 114

everyone's getting excited about outing some LGBTQs, but i'm guessing there are many more couples sharing joint accounts with names like John Jane Doe. and then you have all the completely fake accounts that do nothing but spam. my guess is that if someone wants to use a fake name, the only way facebook is going to know about it and take some action is if some of their friends are jerks and turn them in.

Comment 2 things (Score 1) 86

articles that are simplistic reporting of daily news are what has been ruled on. completely original investigative reporting is not affected. there is really very little creativity in slovak journalism. a lot of it is only one-sided rehashing of press releases.

slovakia does not have diversity in the journalism market. that is why piano media was able to get a foothold. hopefully, this will begin to eat away at the paywall and collusion piano media has created.

Comment stopping the money by targetting the banks (Score 1) 74

since there are nearly 40 comments already and no one is talking about the banks, i'll assume no one is reading the article.

the main conclusion is that spam could grind to a halt if credit card companies blocked all transactions to the dozen suspicious banks. it takes the spammers long enough to set up a new bank account that the new accounts could be blocked faster than they could be set up.

Comment it's good at detecting OBVIOUS vandalism (Score 1) 116

there is a subset of vandalism that a bot can be very good at detecting. this bot can never handle every kind of vandalism. for example, adding some subtly false statement to a biographical article, but spelling everything correctly, using correct grammar and adding something that looks like it could be a legitimate source is difficult for even human editors to recognize as vandalism.

adding 1s everywhere or deleting the entire article is very easy to detect.

Comment steps (Score 1) 958

first step should be cataloging what you have: properly documented license, cracked/definitely illegal and uncertain legality (owner claims it's legal but can't find the license or the purchase receipt). everything without a properly documented license should be elevated along the proper management chain, but you should probably treat the uncertain legality cases different than the definitely illegal. maybe for the uncertain cases, you should give a deadline to produce proper documentation or some signed letter from the appropriate level of management that the software is legal even though they can't document it.


Submission + - Massive hack attack on Swedish sites (

Sobieski writes: "Swedish newspapers are reporting that the night between Friday and Saturday, a mass hacking on Swedish websites occured. The attack is said to have affected almost 4000 sites and according to an article in the newspaper Aftonbladet, the hackers have set up a page to which all hacked sites were redirected. The page supposedly contained a list of all the hacked websites and a taunting message to their "competition" that according to them "only" managed to hack around 1600 sites."

Submission + - Microsoft Security Evangelist Eschews Antivirus (

SkiifGeek writes: "With October being Cyber Security Awareness Month (recognised here, amongst other places), news that one of Microsoft's chief Security Evangelists intentionally avoids running any Antivirus software is an interesting statement of faith in the capabilities of the Windows Firewall, Vista's UAC, and end user education.

Making such a bold statement is not without it's risks."


Submission + - Bill Gates on software, from 1989 1

An anonymous reader writes: The University of Waterloo has uploaded a talk by Bill Gates, on software, that took place there in 1989. Available here, the talk was only recently digitized and contains many predictions from someone who was already starting to become an industry leader at that time. Many are surprisingly accurate and quite relevant today.

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