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Comment Re:Huh? I use these all the time. (Score 1) 264

2. Close all but one -- grab the tab and pull it out into another window, then alt-tab back and click the close box on the previous window.

As opposed to 'right-click, close other tabs'? Not easier, and not faster, sorry.

Close to the right I've never used, however, but I can see how it'd be useful. My chromebook is slowly becoming more and more irritating to use, the worst offender being the constant tab reloading whenever I switch tabs back and forth with no option to turn it off. Memory usage has rarely ever been a concern, but it keeps dumping them as soon as I switch tabs anyways. Irritating. Makes me wonder who tests new changes in regards to usability.

Comment Re: Good luck... (Score 1) 301

Quite right. For lab mice, anyways, the average lifespan was 2-3 years in my experience. Most breeding pairs dropped about a dozen or so litters over their reproductive lifespan, though it varied by strain. From birth to weaning was usually 21 days, and the new female mice could become impregnated quite soon afterwards - mice ain't shy about inbreeding. I would guess that wild mice have similar breeding capabilities, though less opportunity to find suitable mates while they're still fertile.

Comment Re:Just my 2c (Score 0) 161

Changing poor driving habits by heavy fines over time is the idea, speaking of missing the point. Funny you brought up eye contact, when the solution for the driver not having this RDS radio turned on is to make a flashy thing on the display that takes the driver's eyes off the road when the ambo is rapidly coming up behind you. But you seem to know everything... distracted driving laws and the like, pshaw! You're right. Do you have to actually look for the turn signal when you drive? I hope your commute isn't near me.

Maybe you're just trolling, maybe you're not, but you seem awfully aggressive about this. Normally I don't feed the likes of you.

What's a human life worth? I dunno, go ask an insurance adjuster.

Comment Just my 2c (Score 4, Insightful) 161

This sounds like a waste of money and likely not that effective. What could work, perhaps, is if you put a dashcam on the ambo and use plate recognition for those assholes who don't make way and simply forward the videos to the police for the application of a heavy fine. Do it enough times and not only would you generate revenue, but those who have to pay the tickets will either learn expensive lessons or not be able to afford a car anymore. Win-win!

Even though it's for a good reason, I cringe every time I hear something about 'taking over' what's mine, bought and paid for. The root cause of this is bad driving habits, not lack of communication. If a driver doesn't notice the flashing lights and siren they aren't operating the damn vehicle properly, IMO.

Comment Re:More examples of stupid admins in U of C (Score 4, Informative) 123

I work for the uni and you don't know how correct you are.
In response to the malware ransom, they mandated that all employees are now banned from using gmail, yahoo, etc. for work-related stuff because 'they don't control those servers.' Then, in spectacular irony, they then migrated their email system to Office 365, which has proven to be an abysmal user experience, and emails appear to be sent through microsoft's servers anyways - which the uni doesn't control and are SO slow. (It could just be that Office 365 works fine, but that our servers are misconfigured in some way)
This recent bit about bittorrent is idiotic as well, as anyone who wants to use the wifi has to login using their IT credentials, so they could easily find out who is downloading what and take action against the infringing individuals instead... but that would require a reasonably competent monkey in the IT dept.

Comment Videos suck (Score 1) 160

As the title says, they suck. Hate seeing this recent change at slashdot, the only change on any website that I frequent where I've actually taken the time to email the admin for feedback about anything. Love this site, but hate the videos. Give us a filter, where those of us who hate seeing that crap on the front page can weed it out by default.

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