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Submission + - Ask Slashdot : Interactive Whiteboards for the office enviroment 1

canyon289 writes: I'm the youngest guy in my office, 23 vs average age of ~40. In some insane stroke of luck one of my bosses asked me to find a smart board for our conference room. This is a fantastic opportunity since we would be the first at our company to use one, and strong technology additions in my department will help me demonstrate my inner nerd, something that's really important when I'm working with guys with 20 years experience in our core business.

So I ask Slashdot, what suggestions do you have for interactive whiteboards? Right off the bat I can't use IR sensors, one entire wall is a window. Other things I'm concerned about are, ease of use, quality of software, and general aesthetics. This board has to basically usable by managers who only have basic computer experience. I really would like to take this opportunity to make a good impression.

Thanks in advance!
Data Storage

Submission + - Samsung Starts Shipping Hybrid Hard Drives

RX8 writes: "Samsung started shipping their new 2.5 inch hard drives today that feature 80, 120 and 160GB capacities with either 128 or 256 MB of onboard OneNAND Flash cache and Microsoft's ReadyDrive software. Samsung is claiming that these new hybrid drives will speed up boot times by as much as 50% and use up to 90% less power."

Managing Lots of IP Addresses? 97

haggisbrain asks: "I'm a Systems Administrator and I've recently started work with a new company where I'm now helping to support a much larger number of nodes than I've previously supported. We have just over 1000 nodes to support, but no efficient method to manage the IP addresses and subnets used. Previously, an Excel Spreadsheet has been sufficient enough for my needs, but now I need to find a new way. Can someone recommend a piece of software which can help me? Is there a simple way to list and view the IP addresses used on my network?"

Submission + - Portable CD players put hospital patients at risk

coondoggie writes: "According to a new study released today you should be more worried about your portable CD player than cell phones in a hospital situation. And outside of that, those store theft alert systems aren't too good for your health either if you have heart problems. In a letter to the editor published in the journal details the first known case of a portable CD player causing an abnormal electrocardiographic (ECG) recording within a hospital setting. The recording returned to normal when the CD player, which the patient was holding close to the ECG lead, was turned off. So while most hospitals ban cell phone use, few restrict CD players. But they have it backwards apparently as calls made on cell phones have no negative impact on hospital medical devices, dispelling the long-held notion that they are unsafe to use in health care facilities, according to Mayo Clinic researchers. 9"
It's funny.  Laugh.

The Beer Tossing Fridge 223

cmacdona101 writes "CNN is reporting on a recent Duke grad that's engineered a remote controlled Fridge that tosses him a beer at the touch of a button. The fridge can launch the beer up to 20 feet, far enough to get to his couch. The video shows the fridge using a "beer magazine clip" and a remote firing system that let you determine angles and ballistics to get the beer to your friends anywhere in the room."

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