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Comment Re:Talk to your users (Score -1) 244

a) talk to as many people as you know ( at least 12 people), and ask them whether or not your software idea is a good concept or a bad one. if they all say it is great idea, forget it - there is no market for it. On the other hand if they all raise one eyebrow and give you funny looks and say they can't see the software succeeding - then it's a go. I'll explain it - if anyone here needs it explained. If you need the above explained, then you lack "tradeskills" (intrinsic business skills that you developed before age 16!!). If you don't have "tradeskills" then you better find a partner who does have tradeskill! At the same time, you need a third person to help you develop your partnership --- or you will be very sorry. b) when the software is more or less finished, you talk to at least 12 "potential users" of the software and have them use the software for at least a week and then fill in a concise evaluation sheet. then collect and analyze the questionnaire. c) then develop you marketing story/ !

Comment Do What DJs REFUSE TO DO - Use A Sound Meter (Score -1) 405

DJs and folks running sound boards at concerts REFUSE to use a sound level meter to set the sound level. The latter dullards are causing hearing loss for everyone at any concert. Anything above 85 decibels creates a permanent hearing loss! The higher the decibel level the shorter the time it takes to destroy the cells that lets us hear. At 85 decibels - it's "safe" to listen for 8 hours per day. At 94 decibels - you start suffering a permanent hearing loss after ONE hour per day. At 104 decibels you start suffering a permanent hearing loss after 7.5 MINUTES per day! It's real simple to avoid hearing loss on an iPod. Calibrate the sound level produced at different settings - using a SOUND LEVEL METER. Make a tube of cardboard an inch long to fit around the earbud - and then plug the earbud in one end and the meter in the other end. A maximum setting on an iPod produces 104 decibels! Which means that you suffer some permanent hearing loss after 7.5 minutes each and every day!! A three quarter setting on an iPod produces 94 decibels - which means you suffer some hearing loss after ONE HOUR per day. By the way - there is not one music venue in North America that is properly set up to avoid hearing loss. Here's how it would look if venues were not run by dullards:

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