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Comment Re:Same way you get your kids interested in gaming (Score 1) 704

When I was in high school back in the 70's we had this PDP-8 (not sure of the exact model) computer, the one where you when you turn it on first you set a bunch of toggle switches and then feed in the yellow punch tape to load the OS. It had a keyboard and a huge roll of canary yellow paper that it printed on.

So this kid typed in

20 GOTO 10

and sat there panicking when it just spewed out line after line of MR BOND SUCKS MOOSE so my brother told him "That's too bad, we'll just have to wait til it runs out of paper."

after a while we took pity on him and told him about CONTROL-C

I had some good times with that thing. I wrote a program to do MadLibs, and another one to play craps.

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