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Comment Re:Klein's a Leftist with an agenda, not a journal (Score 4, Informative) 358

"To see the illogic of this, all one has to do is see that the countries that are the freest also tend to be the most capitalistic. The ones that are the most politically repressive also tend to be the most anti-capitalist."

Sadly, you're so blinded by your ideology you don't even see the lack of factual accuracy in this statement. There is a long tradition of authoritarian capitalism, here are just a few, for your reflection:

  • Tsarist Russia
  • The Second Empire (Napoleon III)
  • Prussia, later Germany
  • Nazi Germany
  • The authoritarian/fascist states of central and eastern Europe between the wars and during WWII
  • Spain under Franco
  • Greece under the Colonels
  • Iran under the Shah -- a violent and repressive regime if ever there was one
  • Chile under Pinochet
  • Brazil under authoritarian military rule
  • for that matter, all other Latin American dictatorships: Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, etc. etc.
  • Indonesia under Suharto
  • South Africa under Apartheid
  • The Philippines under Marcos
  • South Korea under Military Rule
So as you see, the correlation between capitalism and true democracy is actually quite weak. I don't think the facts can be accused of being "illogical".

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