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Comment Re: There is no left (Score 1) 420

Possibly help you?

You sound like someone who doesn't know how much people pay in taxes.

Does it really matter how much you pay in taxes? As long as what remains allows you to live a comfortable living with your needs being met.

But you might also find yourself in future suffering from a series of very expensive life-threatening illnesses.

Hence insurance. Seriously, I have good health insurance and the total cost is 2.4% of my salary. Taxes are many, many times that already, and they don't cover medical expenses at all.

Why would universal health coverage cost any more than having good health insurance? You don't need more doctors, or have to pay them any more. You are only changing how the bills are paid.

Comment Re:Cash versus Credit (Score 1) 106

Of course, when a business accepts a credit card, the funds automatically appear in a bank account. When a customer pays cash, the business must reconcile the receipts to the cash drawer, prepare deposit slips and have someone take the cash to the bank. Or have a armoured car come around to pick up the money. It can be pocketed by a dishonest employee, or taken in a hold-up. All of this costs money too.

Comment Re:I remember ..... (Score 1) 284

You couldn't GET 32 MB of RAM even on a high end system back in 1995. I know.

Sure you could. My first WinTel computer was purchased in '90 or '91. It came with 4 MB installed (4 x 1-meg 30-pin SIMM), and 4 empty slots. A proprietary daughterboard could have added another 8 slots. They could all be populated with 4-meg SIMMs, for a total of 64 MB. Of course the cost would have been arould $10,000. And it was a typical Future Shop model, nothing exceptional.

Comment Re:Screws with users (Score 1) 319

And the UI of my XP-based media center box is still the same as it was when it was installed. What's your point?

That auto manufacturers don't push out updates to their install base every Tuesday. Sure, different vehicles have different designs. That don't change after they've been built. Software on phones, computers, set-top boxes, etc changes frequently, and often change the interface.

Comment Re:TL;DR? (Score 1) 269

In the scenario envisioned here, the government would recognize claims and register titles, and claimants could then begin to grant, sell, and trade property deeds.

Whose government?

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