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Comment Re:Poland (Score 2) 40

I'm with you. I'm not saying they weren't hacked. I'm just saying it's a lot easier to say you were hacked from an unknown source than it is to admit you allowed someone to monkey with the live reservation system.

Comment Re:I do NOT have a hard time (Score 2) 218

>The trick therefor for companies is to both have good account management AND hire professionals who care about not becoming a criminal.

I found myself on the receiving end of the recession a year ago, having to suddenly tune my interviewing skills again. I still think one of my best selling points was being able to answer the "Why should we hire you?" question with this:

"My position was eliminated and I was given a 90 day notice by my previous employer. At which point I was allowed to work through the full contract and not immediately escorted out. As an IT professional working under IT Managers who understood the security risk I posed, this was not an oversight, but the result of 8 years of working for this employer with integrity."

I think if I had been removed from the premises, as policy normally dictates, I wouldn't have even brought it up. But since it played out this way, it gave me an angle to show loyalty and some dignity. And yes, my accounts were set to expire at 5pm the day I left.

Comment Re:Save your sanity, give up now (Score 1) 951

"...they memorize a series of buttons to press to get whatever result they want and if anything unexpected happens, they're completely lost."

Going along with this comments's logic and the quote from the original post, I've found that users can be trained to hit the print screen button when they get a message they don't care about. We've got Printscreen 2000 installed all over the place, which makes it much closer to a one-click solution than the Windows default. They get a screenshot and keep doing what they're doing. I get the error message.


AvantGo Shutting Down, Changing Markets 36

codebudo writes "AvantGo, the once ubiquitous application for all PDAs, is shutting down its web sync service. Users of the service have just begun to see banners stating, 'Starting June 30, Avantgo will no longer offer mobile web content.' According to parent company Sybase, AvantGo will transition from a mobile web service, to an SMS advertising and content delivery system."

Zotac's Ion-Based Mini-ITX Board For Atom Debuts 106

MojoKid writes "There have been a handful of NVIDIA Ion-based products with Intel's Atom processor that have been unveiled recently, ranging from NVIDIA's own reference system, to the Acer Aspire Revo SFF PC. Today Zotac announced an Ion motherboard that will be appealing to the DIY crowd. The design of this IONITX-A model board tested and reviewed here in particular, offers some very interesting features, not the least of which is its DC power input with an external power brick. It also is built on Intel's dual core Atom process for a bit more horsepower to back up NVIDIA's Ion integrated graphics chip."

Should Network Cables Be Replaced? 524

Jyms writes "As technology changes, so hubs routers and switches are upgraded, but does the cabling need replacing, and if so, how often? Coax gave way to CAT 5 and CAT 5e replaced that. If you are running a 100Mbit/s network on old CAT 5, can that affect performance? Do CAT 5(e) cables get old?"

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