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Comment Re:Disagree (Score 1) 633

Bad news for competitors ... if Microsoft pick a replacement with the vision and ruthlessness of an older, wiser Steve Jobs. Even half a Jobs would turn Microsoft around from the stagnating business it has become.

Easy shoes to fill, because even Goofy could have done as well.

I am guessing you thought Bill Gates didn't do too well during his tenure. I am not so sure Steve Jobs would have agreed.

Comment Re:Not good enough (Score 1) 800

Word from inside the company is that Sinofsky made the devs "p4 obliterate" the Start menu code, meaning not only did they delete it but they wiped the entire history of the code from their source control. If true, it would mean that they couldn't just "bring back" the start menu, they'd have to entirely rewrite it.

They wouldn't have to rewrite it. That's silly. They would just go back to a version of the code when it existed. Microsoft doesn't have one flat file with their code in it. There are literally hundreds of versions that exist with different source branches etc.

Comment Re:Firefox, caught between two worlds (Score 1) 246

As many applications become more web/cloud centric, I am thinking its going to matter more and more what version of browser you are running on. Chrome is great, its my browser of choice, but in the back of my mind I am always like, suppose I don't want to upgrade my browser or update my Nexus 7 to this version of Android?

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 522

" I want to spend all day building robots and educating students." Come back and say that after 20 years. All jobs, no matter how inspirational, lead to burnout. This is one of the reasons people become managers. They have the know-how but lack the fire that the younguns' have to fall for the same ol', if we work through the weekend this month, only this month (yeah right) the company will finish the project and be in a great position to reward everyone. Soooo not gonna happen. But at the same time they know the game and can call it with their eyes closed and as you say "they have to have a job somewhere" so they become managers. I don't think anyone can be a perpetual cross between Peter Pan and [put your favorite engineer here].

Comment A breath of fresh air. (Score 2) 121

Regardless to whether this candidate wins or loses, he offered an interesting perspective that others are forced to listen to. In my worthless opinion, one voice, leads to several voices questioning whether its feasible which leads to someone sponsoring a bill that gets debated. Its a humble process that sometimes snowballs into something meaningful. I am not so cynical that I believe his idea will change that industry overnight but I am hopeful that it gives others in power or wanting to come into power ideas that might be more useful to consumers.

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