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Comment one word answer: don't (Score 3, Insightful) 338

Fortigate will do what you need out of the box, paired with Fortianalyzer.

The bigger question is WTH you're doing with this. You can't put monitoring software on the devices, but you can look at every last bit they send and receive? Legal issues are a far bigger problem when data is in transit (as in flying across the network) than when it's at rest on the device. You won't even see everything, as a lot is TLS-protected and if it's a phone, it can bypass the fixed network entirely. I somehow doubt that he's making his wife and kids agree to an AUP that allows this sort of monitoring.

Comment Re:Ok to carry drugs now? (Score 1) 285

In a word, no.

The directive means they can't go looking for evidence of crimes that are not primary in their mission. If, during the course of their search to make sure you're not carrying contraband onto an airplane (ie, dangerous shit like knitting needles) they find prima facie evidence of a crime (your coke, a severed head, "interesting" pictures involving a horse), they'll turn you over to local law enforcement.

All this means is that they're limited to investigating air safety. Unless they stumble across something that is clearly illegal (and $4300 cash is NOT that), they cannot do anything. Even if they do find something interesting, they cannot detain you, as they are not law enforcement. Those two things are what the ACLU fought for here. Even though they're a bunch of data-profiling dickwads (and that was why I stopped my sponsorship of them), they do get it right now and then.

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