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Comment Re:how long will this behavior be tolerated... (Score 1) 180

This is just normal spy stuff. The real problem is that the people being spied upon are obviously incompetent with regards to their anti-spying countermeasures.

Seriously, who puts their top secret stuff on the Internet anyway?

Of course, how do we know that they got the real plans? They may be saying this to make us *think* that they got the real plans, when in fact the real plans are elsewhere, or something. Anyway, the ability to hack people's servers is insignificant next to the power of the Force.

Comment Re:good Ole Days (Score 1) 159

Smoke signals?! You kids and your communicating-instantly-over-long-distances, in my day we carved our messages into stone tablets, and some poor bastard had to physically carry them (sometimes with the help of a surly camel) to their destination. A shattered tablet, I mean dropped packet, meant that the stonewright had to start chiseling all over again!

Comment Dichotomy (Score 2) 353

It always amuses me when traveling to the US on business to see the difference between what they display on the nice "welcome" videos in the immigration processing queue, and what the attitude of the uniformed officers are actually like. It's like on the one hand, the marketing people would very much like people to visit the US and spend money, but on the other hand the people that you first meet resent your presence.

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