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Comment Re:Generation Z leans to the political right. (Score 1) 226

I'm not an SJW advocate by any means (though I am left-leaning) but the model you're providing is a bit hypothetical/strawman. Would work better with a real model. I'd analogize SJWs to the people who get outraged that Idris Elba is not going to be the next James Bond, and try to shout down anyone who says, "But Bond should be a caucasian Brit" with accusations of racism. SJWs see some vaguely interpretive symbol for native americans used in sports and contend it is offensive even while the native tribe is saying "meh." Those are two actual examples. SJWs rarely get to cause problems for employers because they usually work as barristas or have their etsy page up and dominate lower level positions....their inability to compromise usually serves as an obstacle to advancing in management in the first place (Silicon Valley excepted). That last part is just opinion, though.

Comment Re:Generation Z leans to the political right. (Score 1) 226

Living through aphorisms is not a good idea, though. It takes more heart and character to be over 30 and have money and realize the significance and responsibility you have to your community than it does to be over thirty, with money, and wallow in selfishness. I'm 46, have plenty of money, and a strong determination to focus on overall community improvement for the betterment of my family, and the left is the path to that achievement. But when I was 20 and poor? I was a deluded libertarian. It helped being a libertarian when I had no money, as it did for so many others I knew back then like myself, because the philosophy told you that you had more control over your own life (or wanted it) and that made young libertarians feel more righteously indignant every time you had to pay the state for a DL or get car insurance.

Comment so... (Score 1) 110

Missing from this thread are actual artists and their experiences. I know many artists, including family, who equate the bottom dropping out of their market for physical art media with the arrival of the internet. Some have managed to transition online to continue to make some sort of money, but all of the artists I know agree that the internet killed the art economy in a special way....the work, no mater how much time, effort, skill and craftsmanship was needed, became badly devalued non coincidentally with the rise of the internet. I don't know if this is an accurate assessment (one could pin it on economic issues and a lack of cash to spend on nonessential art pieces....or a decline in housing ownership, meaning a decline in the number of potential art buyers who actually have space to represent their desired pieces) but the art industry is definitely in a death spiral and most artists are now people who do art when they aren't trying to juggle a day job.

Comment So... (Score 1) 920

It seems like the top issue here, assuming Pew-Die-Pie was actually attempting some sort of social commentary on Fiverr, is that Pew-Die=Pie, the guy normally known for juvenile play-throughs of bad games and some sort of jumpscare show, was way out of his comfort zone in a sad attempt at some sort of messaging. Or put another way: if you want to to deliver an important message, maybe who you are by reputation and how you do this matters.

Comment Re: Fairy Tales (Score 1) 205

You're giving me a headache here. First to clarify: staunch atheist here but with a background in archaeology and a more than lifelong interest in mythology. You can, and likely do, have a historical figure on whom a great many archaic beliefs and concepts are placed both to recognize the generational and cultural symbolism of what came before and to make the newer faith more tenable to the older pagan believers who might need to sense that this Jesus guy is on par with Mithras and others. This is not evidence that there was no historical figure, but rather evidence that there was a great deal of syncretism in effect. This is a pretty well establish phenomenon that is going on, and while it is fascinating, it is not a compelling argument against the existence of a live spiritual figure that is later retconned into something much, much greater than he was in life when the need arose.

Comment Re:He should count his blessings (Score 1) 497

As someone who is currently unemployed and without insurance, I can assure you that Obamacare DOES NOT provide free, or even reduced rate, insurance to you if you're unemployed. If you live in a state that didn't expand its Medicaid insurance program, the only thing Obamacare provides when you're unemployed with no income is a waiver so that you don't have to pay the penalty for not having insurance. Gee, thanks Obama.

Thank your state representatives for refusing to participate in the exchange and set up proper Medicaid expansions. (I think that was what you meant, but the sarcasm meter was wavering near zero so hard to say).

Comment Re:He should be in jail... (Score 1) 497

Hey, I have lots of republican friends, and I wouldn't label any of them as deliberately racist. But when your house has a few leaks, and everyone keeps insisting that the roof is just fine because they don't have a leak where they're standing at that exact moment, one can only conclude that your house has some problems whether you want to deal with it or not. If you can get the racially motivated members out of your party, then it might be possible to talk cogently about real immigration fixes without racism rearing up in every conversation. Now...this may not be a realistic solution, but I generally subscribe to the notion that it's generally better to be on the side of the fence the white supremacists aren't on. Or...put another way.....if you can't get rid of them, then maybe you need to look more closely at how aligned you really are to the rest of your fellow conservatives. How many of these allies are hurting, rather than helping your non-racist immigration reform ideas?

Comment Re:Under Trump, hate speech is encouraged! (Score 1) 427's actually pretty easy to conclude that the real problem here is 2,000 year old religions that won't change to conform to modern standards of ethical living and respect, rather than arguing that the real problem is a 2.5 century old government that is willing to change to reflect the reality of ethical culture and human rights today. Weird.

Comment Re:Just delete Trump's account (Score 1) 427

Always read the article before posting. The conclusion, on reading it, is inescapable: the refugees from mexico that Trump wants to deport are rape survivors, and we are deporting an enormous number of illegal immigrant women and children back to the country from which they were trying to flee a rape culture that was abusing them, badly, through the entire "escape process." So el Trumpo is trying to deport rape victims back to their abusers. Bravo again for the low information president.

Comment Re:It's Sony - duh (Score 1) 467

No Man's Sky is not like going in to a massage parlor and getting a kick in the balls instead of a nice rub down.

It is, actually, more like walking in to a massage parlor that has some signs suggesting happy endings are a free bonus, and when you walk in, you find instead a sleazy porn-house self-service station, an empty bottle of lube, handful of VHS porn tapes, and a broken DVD player.

Comment Re:You havn't played the game, have you? (Score 1) 467

Actually, go find some of the reviews of the game on Youtube (Jim Sterling and Angry Joe's reviews are pretty amusing and address this). The specific stuff they are addressing is not "boom wow Destiny redux" but actual specific claims the dev stated, in television interviews and other similar recorded venues, that pretty clearly made claims that are demonstrably false....and not without playing for 50+ hours.

Did some people have unrealistic expectations? Obviously. But the ones pointing out that the final product does not match what was demo'd or stated aren't wrong.

Luckily, I bought the game on a lark and didn't know about any of the claims, expectations or other nonsense. I've found it to be a completely average space-based survival crafting game, except with fewer "threats" and no players griefing me (ironically one of the statements from the dev as that grieving was possible...hah! If I had paid attention I would have probably not bought the game.)

Comment qualifiers (Score 1) 296

I feel like all the comments could be parsed out better if people could identify if they are young or old first, and if they have ever been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, or are somewhere on the autistic spectrum. Maybe also if you actually think (as the guy writing the original article did) that spoiling the end of a book somehow makes it better.

Seriously....those saying they watched pretty much anything at greater than the intended speed are just freaking me out right now. I can't even conceive of why under any condition I would ever watch something like this; the enjoyment--the experience--would be destroyed by the accelerated playthrough.

Quaifiers: I'm middle-aged and have never been diagnosed with any disorder. And I hate spoiling a book's ending; knowing the ending of a work of fiction usually leads to me putting the book down at that point.

Comment The Deceiving Demon strikes again.... (Score 1) 951

Actually it technically goes all the way back to Rene Descartes and his "deceiving demon" scenario. The principle is exactly the same, but Descartes is at least grounded in reality...he recognizes that there's a consciousness/experience issue, and that while one cannot assert that reality is not a fabrication/illusion, you can assert your own personal existence (cogito ergo sum). The computer simulation is just the latest feasible model for suggesting we cannot trust our experiences to represent actual reality. For this to be a computer simulation, knowing what we know, it implies at least the following: 1. the simulation can not only simulate the physical world, but can also simulate consciousness 2. Our definition of consciousness as simulated excludes the existence of external awareness, suggesting we're all part of the program. But if the program is being experienced by programmers/users anyone reading this who is not a progammer or user is likely not "real" in the conventional sense 3. However, since we know we are conscious, or programmed to think we are, then it raises questions about the definition of both this awareness and actual sentience. In fact it cascades into a whole mess of questions that soon leads to the same line of thought about how our universe works, how we relate to it, and where it came from. It is almost tautological, in fact.... 4. Leading to the notion that if a simulation is sufficiently indistinguishable from "the real thing" then how do you recognize when you're in the real world vs. the simulation? 5. And if it is a simulation, all it proves is that there's an operant higher level of reality which we haven't ye developed an empircal method of detection for, and may never be able to due to programming issues 6. And if that's true, then we're back to square one, with Descartes' demon, realizing that the only certainty we have is that we are able to perceive our self-awareness --even if that self-awareness could be a simulation, it is still something we each indelibly hold in our personal experience to be the point of definition for who we are, regardless of our sensory experiences. ....So yeah, from the philosopher's view all Elon Musk has done is reframe the question Descartes already posed with a more contemporary framework.

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