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Comment Honest advice (Score 2) 177

My honest advice, is to get a fucking life. Seriously, get away from the computer this whole summer and meet new people, socialise, have some fun, do some normal teenage things, drink beer, get laid, go travelling, teach English, whatever. Just stay away from the fucking computer and other geeks and nerds. In twenty years' time, you'll either thank me for this, or regret the day you signed up for summer camp 2012.

Comment Re:Also (Score 1) 865

The main thing that keeps me from going to the theater more is the experience. Whether it's people talking loudly (on their phone or to others) or texters who flash their screen at everyone behind them, it's the inconsiderate other patrons who irritate me the most.

I couldn't agree with you more!

Comment Re:Poorly Written Article (Score 1) 653

This article has a racist subtext.

Outsourced programmers don't always come from India, they commonly come from Eastern Europe too. And we'll all no doubt feel the same about outsourcing to programmers from these countries as we do to Indian programmers. So if you mean classic colour-of-skin racism then you're wrong, there's no racist subtext here.

Comment Sex Invaders (Score 1) 208

Anyone remember Sex Invaders for the BBC? I think it was in the public domain, not something you'd find in a shop.

It was like Space Invaders, but the aliens were actually women's legs opening and closing, and the player controlled a penis shooting up at them!

Comment Re:Anti-Trust (Score 2) 748

Linux, for example, permits viruses to be written. So does OS X. The reason why viruses do not proliferate on those systems is because they're not a particularly interesting attack target

Really? So servers running Linux aren't likely to contain information such as credit card details, usernames, passwords, emails...?

I thought the proliferation of viruses on Windows is simply because most Windows user accounts are administrators. Imagine what would happen if all Linux users ran as root all the time.

Comment Re:Depends... (Score 1) 289

Although workplaces don't do sabbaticals (which is stupid), you should still plan on spending the equivalent of 1 study year for every 7 work years. (If you spend 1 hour a day practicing, relearning, or expanding your skills excluding any workside stuff, you're well in excess of what is required...

The problem with this is that most employers aren't interested in what you do in your spare time, it's only what you've done at work that matters. (This is my experience though, it might not be the norm.)

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