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Comment Re:That seems weird to me (Score 5, Interesting) 186

I fully agree. In fact, when this first happened, I remember the team saying they were sure they had missed something and wanted help figuring out what they had missed. Seemed to me that they were using the scientific method exactly as it should be used. All I can figure is that there were politics or other internal pressures.

Submission + - Antimatter Breakthrough ( 1

calmond writes: Scientists at CERN, the research facility that's home to the Large Hadron Collider, claim to have successfully created and stored antimatter in greater quantities and for longer times than ever before. Researchers created 38 atoms of antihydrogen – more than ever has been produced at one time before... "This is the first major step in a long journey," Michio Kaku, physicist and author of Physics of the Impossible, told PCMag. "Eventually, we may go to the stars."

Submission + - Google responds to Oracle's Java lawsuit (

calmond writes: The International Business Times has an interesting article up on Google's response to Oracle's Java lawsuit regarding the Dalvik virtual machine used in Android. Google claimed that it has an implied license to use the patents in question, and iterated that Oracle and Sun smack of hypocrisy as they fail to comply with the basic tenets of open-source.

Comment Re:Kernel shared memory (Score 1) 129

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the method you described sounds almost exactly like LVM Snapshots. A great approach, and saves a ton of disk space. How often should a VM be rebooted or re-cloned though? Memory is a lot more volitile than disk storage, so I would think that the longer the system runs, the more divergent the memory stacks would be, thus the less efficient this method would be over time, or am I missing something? Thanks!

Submission + - DR Lessons from the Gulf Oil Spill 1

calmond writes: The gulf oil spill currently underway has gotten me thinking about how we all deal with and plan for disasters. I'm curious what lessons slashdotters thinks we can learn from this disaster that might apply to disaster recovery plans in other areas, such as IT, and how we can apply those lessons to our IT and business planning and practices.

Comment Ask your local community college (Score 1) 369

I am a professor at a regional community college, and we have a course designed for exactly the skills you are asking about. We also have a division called Workforce and Community Education. This division's job is to provide credit or non-credit training to businesses and industry in our region. Almost every community college has a similar component. Ours would jump at the opportunity to provide a pre-employment test and/or training for a company like yours, and we (as any other equivalent school) already have the people and resources to do it. If you want to do it in house, you could probably just ask the computer science professor for a copy of their final in the equivalent course and modify it as needed, or hire them for a couple of days as a contractor to make it for you and have it fit your exact needs. I fully agree that such testing is vital. Before I took this job I worked at a local chemical plant with 3000 employees. Our helpdesk of 10 people spent almost half of their time providing support to the same 7 or 8 employees in the plant. HR would never do anything about it, but there was a huge hidden cost in supporting these people by keeping them on. Also, some regular training on stuff for your current employees will help too, and you'd be surprised at how little it might cost doing it the way I've outlined. Good luck.

Comment Re:It's going to get us! (Score 1) 188

Actually, it could be a threat according to this theory: It basically says that since extinction events on earth occur every 26 Million years, the orbit of an as-yet-unknown brown dwarf may be causing impacts on earth that lead to these extinction events.

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