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Comment Re:Virtualization (Score 2, Interesting) 328

I can also confirm this works, although not well.
As soon as you give the OS a fair amount of filesystem activity (ie decompressing, installing etc.), it locks up. Vmware complains about something related to filesystem activity/read&write/something (can't remember, really), and the only option is to turn the virtual machine off at this point.
This is only my experience, of course. I have only tested this on Linux with host filesystems reiserfs and ext[3,4], and have not used a dedicated hard drive, only seperate partitions.
It's probably worth noting that it was also under Arch Linux, which requires a certain "hack" for installing VMware (Vmware requires sysv init scripts, Arch uses BSD-style).

Comment Re:This bothers me (Score 1) 875

If you think about it, the "right" here is the right to access the largest database of information the world has ever known. I would say that the ability to attain knowledge falls under "inherent in the nature of the human being" as well as "an integral part of human dignity".
It's not really about the technology, being broadband. It's about access to knowledge which is, as far as I'm concerned, an inalienable right.

Comment Re:You're going to embarass yourself (Score 1) 172

Reading this reminded me why I cringe when I hear people say their major is "Something in business... Marketing, maybe."
Can you really not think of anything better to do with your life?
I suppose if your intent is to work for a nonprofit that might be legitimate, but I don't think that's the idea running through most marketing majors' heads.

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