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Submission + - Google Street View - Now with Lasers

An anonymous reader writes: Google Street View cars were spotted in Italy yesterday. The new cars are carrying 3D laser scanners, like those used in the DARPA Grand Challenge. 3D city data coming to Google Earth sometime soon?
The Media

Submission + - Wikipedia Article creates Circular references (

Lantrix writes: "An anonymous user added information about Sacha Baron Cohen in his Wikipedia article 3 days before the now referenced external article was written. The independent wrote the referenced article apparently using Wikipedia as the source of his "Goldman Sachs" career. Now wikipedia uses as its references the articles that came after the initial modification to Wikipedia itself."

Submission + - SPAM: Build a house for $1.91 - AGIRLNAMEDSUE.ORG

Damion Michaels writes: "Calling all techies:

I am an avid reader of slashdot and appreciate all that you do for the tech community.

I recently volunteered to help with a cause that I feel is worth the time. I am not asking you to donate anything but only that you help spread the word.

Here is the story:

A dear woman and important figure in my childhood has fallen on hard times since Katrina destroyed her home in Mississippi and caused her to lose everything. Seems as though no one is interested in helping and once more with a weakened mental state and failing health, she can't really help herself.

So a small site was created to help bring attention to the cause and get donations in to help. No one really promoted it or brought attention to it. I was asked to take it over and help kick it into high gear. Here is the goal. Get 50k+ people to donate $1.91 (average cost for a cup of coffee) and build Ms. Sue a Katrina Cottage ([spam URL stripped], Model number KC697, 697 sq ft), furnish it with the basics and maybe have enough for a small car. We are hoping that publicity will help us get things like solar panels, etc to help make the project more "GREEN" and reduce living expenses for Ms. Sue as she lives on a fixed income.

I am changing the site host now, making the site a one page site (cue accordion effects for content) and cleaning it up to hopefully make it more visually appealing. What is of urgency now is that Ms. Sue is potentially going to be homeless in the next few weeks and I am raising interim funds for temporary housing.

Why am telling you all of this? Because I am hoping like heck you can help spread the word in the tech community. I have made a nice living as an web developer and I feel that the tech community can work together and make this happen. We are not talking about a big leap here. Just give up one cup of coffee and we can make a difference.

Thanks for your time,


Damion Michaels
Metairie, LA 70002

Below is the pitch from the site:

Change for a CHANGE . . .
Here is the goal. Through your generosity and word of mouth — build Sue a home. Not a mansion, nothing glamorous, but a simple, small home. A small cottage or prefab home — with a foundation. Not a palace. Not an estate. Just a small home for someone in need. That's it.

Here is the plan. Have fifty thousand plus (51,534) people donate one dollar and ninety one cents ($1.91). One can give more if they wish — it is even encouraged. But if all you have time for is a quick donation, then click the PayPal link "Change for a CHANGE Donation of $1.91". If you ever thought about helping someone, now is the time.

Take the time to help. It means more than you could ever know."

Link to Original Source

Submission + - Soyuz ballistic re-entry 300 miles off-course

call-me-kenneth writes: Soyuz TMA-11, carrying a crew of three returning from the ISS, unexpectedly followed a high-G ballistic re-entry trajectory and ended up landing 300 miles off-course. The crew, including Commander Peggy Whitson and cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko, are reportedly in good health. Soyuz capsules have previously saved the lives of the crew even after severe malfunctions that might have lead to the loss of a less robust vehicle.

Submission + - Silicon Valley a Portal in Worldwide TB Epidemic

theodp writes: "Affluent, modern Silicon Valley seems an unlikely hunting ground for tuberculosis, a disease often presumed a medieval scourge, but the Mercury News reports that nothing could be more wrong due to the region's intimate ties to countries with the world's highest TB burdens, countries where the lack of access to antibiotics and basic health care has allowed the disease to flourish in the 21st century."
Sun Microsystems

Submission + - boot support from ZFS root fs on x86 and SPARC (

Derkjan de Haan writes: "I am glad to see progress is being made on the the ability to boot from a ZFS filesystem:
This putback provides the ability to boot the Solaris Operating System from a ZFS root file system on both x86 and SPARC platforms. Full ZFS boot and install support will be available in a subsequent build. Because of the phased putback, we recommend waiting for the full boot and install support rather than attempting to use the ZFS boot features separately."


Submission + - Opposite of Superconductors Discovered ( 3

Sir Holo writes: Superinsulation may sound like a marketing gimmick for a drafty attic or winter coat. But it is actually a newly discovered fundamental state of matter created by scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory in collaboration with several European institutions. This discovery opens new directions of inquiry in condensed matter physics and breaks ground for a new generation of microelectronics.

When they tried to pass a current through the material, the researchers noticed that its resistance suddenly increased by a factor of 100,000 once the temperature dropped below a certain threshold.

Superinsulators could eventually find their way into a number of products, including circuits, sensors and battery shields.


Submission + - Is Truth-Telling About Lie Detectors Treason? (

George Maschke writes: "Last week, MSNBC reported that the U.S. military will soon deploy to Afghanistan a hand-held lie detector called the Preliminary Credibility Assessment Screening System, or PCASS. I promptly posted some critical commentary about this decision, noting among other things how the PCASS can be fooled. This was promptly followed by a couple accusations of treason from anonymous polygraph examiners. Now, a federal polygraph examiner and past president of the American Polygraph Association has openly accused me of treason. What do you think?"

Submission + - Boeing Dreamliner Turns Into Nightmareliner (

An anonymous reader writes: It's not that the Boeing 787 Dreamliner wondercraft may be unsafe or vulnerable to hacker attacks. At this point, it seems everyone would be happy for it to arrive in any state. The 787's carbon-fiber construction and next-generation technology have pushed back their delivery schedule once again, this time requiring a redesign of the plane's wingbox. Airlines will have to wait 18 more months to get it delivered, which is an extremely serious blow to the credibility of the company and their financial standing, as they would have to pay penalties to the buyers of more than 850 of these planes. And we thought Airbus had problems.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - LUG Radio Live USA Starts today in San Francisco

An anonymous reader writes: LugRadio Live USA 2008 starts today at the Metreon in San Francisco. The event brings this unique atmosphere to the USA, with around 30 speakers, over 20 exhibitors, an eclectic range of BOF sessions, and plenty of additional sessions such as our debate discussion panel, a showcase of five minute talks, tech demos, and of course a live recording of LugRadio in front of an audience. Drop by the Metreon on April 12th and !3th to see presentations by: Miguel de Icaza (Mono / Novell), Aza Raskin (mozilla, Robert Love (Google), Jeremy Allison (Samba), Dan Kegel (Wine), and more!

Submission + - Yuri's Night parties

call-me-kenneth writes: It's Yuri's Night once more, time to celebrate the first human in orbit, the first flight of the shuttle, and manned and unmanned spaceflight past present and future. At a time when NASA's Science Mission Directorate is adjusting after the abrupt resignation of Alan Stern after the fiasco over withdrawn funding cuts that threatened the MER Mars rovers, it's good to celebrate the amazing achievements of the last decade, and look forward to some forthcoming spectaculars. It's the best excuse for a beer until Phoenix landing night — six weeks and counting!

Submission + - ISO Takes Control Of OOXML

mikkl666 writes: "Alex Brown, head of the ISO work group responsible for OOXML, has posted a summary of their latest meeting, and he also comments on the resolutions discussed there. The basic message is that ISO now has 'full responsibility for the standard', and that several workgroups will be established to work on OOXML. An interesting point here is that 'setting up a maintance procedure for ODF, and then working on cross-standard initiatives' is one of the explicit goals. On a side note, they also reacted to the very emotional discussion on OOXML by posting an open letter: 'We the undersigned participants [...] wish to make it clear that we deplore the personal attacks that have been made [...] in recent months. We believe standards debate should always be carried out with respect for all parties, even when they strongly disagree.' As he correctly points out, 'this content speaks for itself'."

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