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Submission + - Automated passports fail again ( 2

someones1 writes: Just as we've discussed here before, smart passports aren't so smart. A group of "ethical hackers" proved this once again by making a fake passport with embedded data for Elvis and successfully fooled the automated passport scanners. When will authorities learn?

Comment I might get stoned for this. How About Novell ZAM (Score 1) 251


Complete View of IT Assets
software license compliance
Elimination of manual tracking and inventory gathering
Change notification
custom reporting
Integrated Management
Automated discovery
Detailed software and hardware inventory
Software usage tracking
Contract management

The Courts

Submission + - Woman fined $1.9 million for 24 songs

calcutta001 writes: Story Highlights
Federal jury finds Jammie Thomas-Rasset guilty of illegally downloading 24 songs
Minnesota wife, mom slapped with fine of $80,000 per song, for total of $1.9 million
Attorney says client shocked at fine, noting the songs costs 99 cents each
Spokeswoman for the Recording Industry Association of America lauds jury's finding

Comment Eye for an Eye (Score 2, Insightful) 219

Some day soon, corporations will realize that they have to unite and collaborate better. I am glad that this is happening, Maybe this will be a unifying force that will promote cooperations like Open Invention Network and fight enemies like Microsoft, NTP and this little bugger.

There should be patent free open standards like IP that everyone can use and build on. What if google had to pay a fraction of a cent for every IP packet as royalty. Would it have taken off in it's infancy. Hell, would internet taken off ?


Submission + - Cisco: voice-recognition next on acquisition menu? (

Anonymous Coward writes: "Cisco may be on the acquisition trail again this time hunting for voice recognition technology. The network giant has made 122 acquisitions since 1993. Barry O'Sullivan, head of Cisco's Voice Technology Group, told Reuters the company wants to add more sophisticated voice-recognition technology to its products aimed at helping office workers communicate more flexibly. He was not sure if the network equipment maker would develop such technology internally or through partnerships or acquisitions. In the past however Cisco hasn't been one to wait too long to jump on a technology it considers hot."

Submission + - UK culture holding back open source

Stony Stevenson writes: Industry experts have identified cultural, as well as technical, factors affecting the take up of open source software in the UK. Many countries in the European Union are showing enthusiastic support for open source, while support in the US is less strong. Britain is one of the least open source friendly nations, however, bucking the trend in other EU states.

"Governments in continental Europe see open source as a way to change the playing field with the US," said John Powell, president of open source company Alfresco. "You can build local skills with open source, but with Microsoft's model all the changes in code are controlled from Seattle or India."

Submission + - NASA Claims China Will Beat US Back to the Moon (

eldavojohn writes: "NASA's deadline for a return trip to the moon is 2020. But NASA Administrator Michael Griffin gave a lecture in Washington stating ' "I personally believe that China will be back on the moon before we are. I think when that happens, Americans will not like it. But they will just have to not like it." It sounds a bit like the taikonauts will arrive first."

Submission + - FiOS fails for 5th time in 7 months (

Anonymous Coward writes: "This time it was a cable cut, although who did the cutting is a mystery. Unfortunately for Verizon, this string of bad luck/incompetence has been tormenting the family of a journalist who's made it his business to chronicle FiOS-related mishaps wherever and to whomever they happen. And they seem to happen an awful lot. These disruptions have happened so frequently of late — this is at least our fifth major FiOS outage since mid-March — the details no longer matter. All I know for certain is that our TV, telephone and Internet services went dark yesterday afternoon (is that what they mean by triple play?) and only returned about 2:30 today after visits from two different Verizon techs."

Submission + - Court Limits Software Patents

An anonymous reader writes: Techdirt has the scoop on how a recent court ruling may severely limit the scope of both software and business model patents. The court found that "The routine addition of modern electronics to an otherwise unpatentable invention" isn't enough to get over the "non-obvious" hurdle that every patent is supposed to clear. This is a huge step in the right direction and one of the first admissions from the court system that perhaps software and business model patents have gone too far.

Submission + - windows insecure. (

An anonymous reader writes: How realistic is it to say that microsoft can, windows being a monolithic and insecure OS, shutdown all windows computers worldwide at any given day ?

Submission + - YouTube DCMA takedowns a one-way street?

Bwooce writes: "A New Zealand user reports that the Entertainment Software Association have issued a DMCA takedown notice on his content involving the installation of a mod-chip on a Wii.

Irrespective of the content, which in this case seems hard to imagine being infringing, the real story here is that YouTube won't let him file a counter-claim as he is not a US resident.

Are we all a target of US laws without being able to respond to them? Are we all in a digital Gitmo?"

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