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Comment Re:"By most accounts..." (Score 1) 866

Lacking the willingness to sell out what remains of freedom in the cellphone market and work with a carrier exclusively, I'd guess. I don't know, I don't deal with that end of telecom, nor represent any of those companies.

"Visual Voicemail" (like all voicemail) is done on the carrier's side. It has very little to do with the device. Your phone doesn't "store" your voicemail, you know that much right? You call into a server, it spits it out. If you add a bit more two-way communication you get a bit more control. But since there's no standard on that the way there is with a basic phone call and tone commands ("Press 7 to delete") you don't get that kind of control without carrier partnerships. Partnerships on a feature like this require exclusivity, and most phone manufacturers wouldn't want to limit themselves to one carrier. For Apple it's no big deal, before this they had no carriers.

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