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Comment Better value than RPi, but no composite video out (Score 4, Interesting) 140

Those ODroid all offer big bang for the bucks, but the Pi is one of the rare single board computers which still offers composite video output, so you can hook it up to your old fat CRT TV, which is great for old-school emulation (eg with the awesome RetroPie distro).

Comment Mistitled (Score 1) 571

I agree that the death of Internet Trolls is inevitable because Facebook and Google are killing all the communities Trolls strive in, but comparing Internet Trolls with sexual harrasser or stalker is complete nonsense. I invite the author to read Wikipedia's excellent definition of an Internet Troll

Comment Good IT technicians rarely make good managers (Score 2) 25

Large companies provide ways to advance in IT (at least in terms of salary/bonuses) WITHOUT going into management. While working with a large Redmond-based software company, I noticed that some of my fellow, more experienced colleagues earned more than our manager and that's the way it should be: you become an expert at what you're doing and get paid accordingly, while your manager should be good at managing his/her team, not an IT guru converted into Management by taking evening classes. My advice is to go into Management within your own company if you're tired of updating your skills, keeping up with technology. Otherwise, if you like what you're currently doing, but don't get paid enough, then you should look elsewhere.

Comment Windows 2000 (Score 1) 438

Windows 2000 Workstation (I specify Workstation because IIS 5 did a lot of damage to its Server counterpart) was the best OS MS ever came up with: I wish I could run IE 9 and 10 on it (just to browse MS specific stuff such as SharePoint and OWA, not as primary browser). Ensuring Windows 2000 compatibility would probably also help the Linux+wine users getting IE on their platform.

EU Wants Power To Block China's Tech Buying 203

itwbennett writes "In an interview with German daily paper Handelsblatt, the EU's industry commissioner, Antonio Tajani, said he wants the power to block China from buying up European tech companies. Tajani envisions an authority along the same lines as the United States' Committee on Foreign Investment and would determine 'if the acquisition (of a company) with European know-how by a private or public foreign company represented a danger or not.'"

Comment Re:Android on PS3? (Score 1) 154

Do you think usurping the title "Doc" and slapping as many fancy terms in one sentence as humanly possible will make your post less moronic? Well I don't think so, especially if you clearly have no clue what you're talking about. An RSX driver would run in kernel space so replacing the entire GNU/Linux userland which runs in user space is just plain irrelevant. The strong belief referred above is based on experience as my PS3 has seen a wide range of Linux distros in its OtherOS partition, such as Ubuntu, xUbuntu (IMHO best choice, with its very lightweight UI) Fedora, Gentoo and YDL. I can also state that I've installed and used linux distributions on older PCs with less than 512MB RAM and obviously a far inferior CPU than the Cell.

Comment Re:Android on PS3? (Score 1) 154

Ok, this post clearly looks like a flamebait, so I guess I'm falling into it... Please get you facts straight: 1. Linux is not an OS but a kernel 2. Android uses a Linux kernel ( in the case of Gingerbread) => debating whether the driver should be written for Linux or Android seems pretty moronic... I strongly believe that the Linux distros that were already installable on OtherOS before the "update 3.21 fiasco" would perform very comfortably if they could benefit from GPU hardware acceleration.A more serious issue would be the absence of a Linux PowerPC version of Adobe Flash as gnash is still behind in terms of performance and compatibility.

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