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Submission + - SPAM: XKCD's Take on Global Warming

cakiwi writes: XKCD has created a handy chart to show people who say "Climate has changed before".

Comment No problem for me (Score 1) 281

I blithely updated my windows 10 / Mint 17.3 dual boot system and it's running fine. It did have a couple of attempts at downloading the Windows files and rebooted several times back into linux because that is the default OS. I just rebooted manually into Windows each time and it kept on trucking until successful completion.

I assume I am being rewarded for clean living.

Comment Re:tragedy of the commons (Score 1) 370

We cannot force other governments to pay but when can offer incentives. The US could come to an agreement with as many other governments as possible to implement a steadily increasing carbon tax. We could use the money raised to give tax relief to the 1% to appease the right wing or to give subsidies to those hurt by the tax to appease the left wing or whatever was needed to get it passed. An import duty would be charged on the carbon content of any imports into participating countries of twice the current carbon tax rate with an allowance given for any taxes levied in the exporting country.

I realize this is never going to happen, not when a significant minority in the US thinks climate change is a hoax and the chairman of the Senate's Environment and Public Works Committee can prove it by throwing a snowball on the Senate floor.

Comment Re: No such thing, it's been proven to be a hoax (Score 1) 242

It is amazing that of all the people who get advanced degrees, the vast majority of those who are "intellectually dim but emotionally blinding bulbs in the box" are attracted to climate research. You must be thankful that your strong intellect, emotional stability and settled world view allow you to see the truth.

Comment Re:No such thing, it's been proven to be a hoax (Score 1) 242

And as to those "scientists", they cost less than a single lobbyist for a real cause. The govt tells them to keep the story running or they'll lose tenure and grants. You think they care about the people when they have income for life for doing as they're told a few days of the year?

Is it just climate scientists that are so dishonest and unethical? I never hear claims that physicists faked the Higgs Boson particle so they could have job security building the LHC or of paleontologists creating fossils in rocks so they could live high on the hog at taxpayer expense.

Comment Re:how many small businesses has Obama killed? (Score 1) 739

The Democrats needed the vote of Olympia Snow to break the filibuster and get the bill passed in the Senate. It then went to the house where a modified bill was eventually passed. It then came back to the Senate and was passed using budget reconciliation rules requiring only a 50% vote and thus not needing the vote of any Republicans.

Please become better informed before calling people delusional.

Comment Re:Single Payer (Score 1) 723

I realize there is nothing I can say which will make you pull your head out of your ideological corner, but you have gone from claiming single payer systems have no competition to maybe they do but they are worthless and expensive to maybe they're ok, but you don't want to pay for mine. So let's take the next logical step and have medicare for all. That way we will all be paying and all be getting the benefit. It should have the added advantage of slowing the rate of growth of medical costs, since the US is the only OECD country with does not have some kind of government provided health care for all residents and it costs us 50% more than the next most expensive country for generally lower quality healthcare. Here are some links for you to consider.




Comment Re:Single Payer (Score 1) 723

Well, no. Obamacare is regulation of medical insurance, Medicare is a single payer system and the VA is a single provider system, so it is obvious that none of them is an example of whether the others will work. I was merely responding to your assertion that a single payer system has zero competition. I can't speak for the quality of the VA, but I am eligible for Medicare, I chose from among the many plans offered to me and I am very satisfied with the quality of care I receive.

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