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Comment Wow (Score 1) 1045

As a long time Mac user, I'm used to being flamed, argued with, laughed at, or generally exposed to all sorts of abusive language and insults whenever I "come out" and admit to being the proud owner of two Mac machines. I have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised to finally find a place where people seem to at least be reasonable about their discussion. I have no problem with anyone pointing out the disadvantages of the OS, and for the first time in a long time I'm actually seeing a lot of people...well...being reasonable in their discussions. I'm also heartened to see so many people switching (or adding). Despite the definite drawbacks (mainly with software availability, but as a lifetime Mac person, I have to say that its infinitely better now than it has ever been), I frankly just love the machines and now OSX, and hope that Apple can hold on to this momentum and at least increase its presence enough to continue convincing companies that they should take the platform seriously enough to make their software compatible. I have to agree though, while the iPod has heightened awareness of the brand and exposed a lot of new people to quality products, I don't think that the iPod alone is responsible. They're more likely just the catalyst in the equation.

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