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Comment left and right (Score 1) 177

One concern I didn't see with a quick scan through the comments: How do you make universal and intuitive gestures across cultures that read left-to-right vs. right-to-left. Off the top of my head, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew are some right-to-left languages/cultures. A significant chunk of the planet's population. Should a left-to-right swipe go back or forward? Depends on where you grew up.

Comment Re:And to think... (Score 1) 152

The 3-part Commander Keen series was also one of the first shareware products released under the model "get a little for free, pay for the rest". In the days of BBSes and UseNet, there was little middle ground between free-as-in-beer-ware and commercial software. The Keen products changed that, and many other episodic games were released with the same model soon after. I think this marketing strategy was more pioneering and far-reaching in its effects than the side-scrolling-platforming-ice-sliding-alien-shooting part of the product.

Now we have DLC - Downloadable Content - which operates under the "pay for some now, pay for more later" model, but that's neither here nor there.

Comment find with execute (Score 1) 641

Without looking at the results first, I was about to vote for grep (the current leader) when I recalled the various execute options for find. All operating systems provide a way to locate files on a filesystem, as far as I know, but the option to then execute an arbitrary command on each search result makes the find command the most powerful search tool I've used.

This makes "find" a tool you can combine with most of the other file-related tools in the voting list to make for some powerful command line mojo.

Comment Re:Air & Space Museum (Score 2, Informative) 435

Plus, the last time I was there, they had a decommissioned SR-71 Blackbird (wikimedia image) hanging from the ceiling just inside the front door, with the tip of the nose just out of reach as you walk in. A really beautiful airplane, and awesome to see that close up. They used to have some first-rate space craft restoration exhibits there, as their museum crew were the ones responsible for getting the re-entry capsules ready for showing by the Smithsonian and others. They've specialized in the "space" part of "air and space museum" for many years.

Since Wichita is not likely to be on the road travel map (not if I had anything so say about it, anyway), it's probably worth mentioning that Hutchinson, Kansas is about 4 hours from Kansas City's airport.

Comment Re:Missing option: (Score 1) 887

Answer: Make smaller trips, more often.

It's the classic urban planning statistic illustrating the pedestrian-friendly and/or car-centric nature of a community: how often does the typical person buy groceries? Also, in communities that favor walking or mass transit for grocery trips, there tend to be more "corner store" types of places where people get the basics, and less of the mega-super-grocery-mart places where you buy everything you need for the next six months.

Comment The other kind of security (Score 1) 93

Be sure that, whoever does your testing, your company's "policies and procedures" are both satisfactory and being reliably followed by all employees. Social engineering is quicker, cheaper, easier, and more difficult to detect and track, generally speaking, than hacking in through some obscure loophole in the application.

Your people need to know what not to do, what not to say, and whom not to talk to, or your iron-clad web app may as well be tin foil. A top-notch security analysis company should be able to help make sure those bases are covered, too.

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