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Comment Re:New Kindle.. we'll see (Score 1) 145

Not a bad idea. I was considering buying my wife a reader for her birthday, and was comparing kindle to nook. Came across lots of postings on various websites about jailbreaking the nook and turning it into a not-so-bad android-based tablet for less money than any of the (then) current offerings. Almost bought a nook to play with, but I simply cannot justify owning a tablet as well as a laptop _and_ smartphone (N8). Can't imagine anything what would fall through the cracks that a tablet would catch. It might be perfect for someone else tho

Comment Don't ignore the benefit of redundant set-ups (Score 1) 206

A while back our house had both dsl and cable, one dedicated to my wife's business, and one for my convenience. Both were run into dedicated old boxes running openbsd firewalls. Each box used the same intranet prefix (192.168.5.x), but one box was two and the other ten on our intranet. Under normal circumstances my network and my wife's were not wired together. Benefits were:

1) My major uploads/downloads would not slow down her business and vice versa.

2) My investigation of NSFW websites would never be traced back to her business (although I know there a better ways around that).

3) If her network was down, I could run a cat-5 to her switch from mine and change her gateway machine setting temporarily and she was back up, and vice-versa.

4) If (slim chance) either of the firewall machines were to be hacked, presumably the other would remain un-hacked, and available.

Anyway, it worked for us.

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