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Comment Re:You get the frost pits, we do the rest (Score 4, Informative) 190

Kodak suffered under extremely poor management for at least the last two decades. The refusal to change with the times (like trying to shelve digital cameras to protect film sales) and selling off their profitable departments (like medical imaging) for short term gains have left them with almost nothing of value. I'm not sure how much of what is left is worth restructuring. At this point, creditors, shareholders, and retirees might be better off with a liquidation sale.

Comment Re:Password keychains? (Score 1) 343

KeePass 1.x and Dropbox. Both are available for just about every OS and smartphone made. KeePass also has a built in password generator that can be configured to handle length and content requirements. I can use my work computer, my home computers, my android smartphone, and even a guest computer to access and manage my passwords to anything.

Comment Re:Ballmer's phrasing is telling (Score 1) 764

I read it more as a lament that they have been in that space for a long time (in their eyes anyhow) and never were able to sell that many. Of course, Microsoft's version of a tablet was a laptop with a stylus and touchscreen that folded over and ran plain old Windows. Just like their original idea of a smartphone was a phone running a slimmed down version of plain old windows.

Comment Re:Anti-trust on a product not in the market???? (Score 1) 260

If satellite radio owners don't like the content a station they carry produces, they don't have to air it. If Apple doesn't like the "product" a developer creates, it doesn't have to carry it. Apple is likely banning other mobile OS owners because it would be like handing over all sorts of intimate knowledge about ownership and usage of the iOS platform to the competition. It's not like they are banning ads outright or even any ad network that is not their own.

Comment Re:Anti-trust on a product not in the market???? (Score 2, Insightful) 260

It may be your iPhone, but it is still Apple's AppStore and services you use. Anyone is free to create web apps instead of native apps and web ads instead of native ads still. It's a bit like a local radio station or listener demanding their station to be available on satellite radio because it is the radio owner's stereo, not the satellite radio company's.

Comment Re:Rebuttal of the "RFTA, it's distributed" respon (Score 1) 295

Even if it works like email, the system would just end up with a small group of gatekeepers instead of just one. Sure you could set up your own, but how many people run their own server, locally or hosted? The distributed part of this is nice, in theory. I think a better way to go at it would be a foundation run project. Take away the desire to make as much money as possible, and put the focus on delivering the best product possible.

Comment Interesting proposition (Score 1) 695

What makes this even more interesting is that Apple was one of the three original co-foundering companies behind ARM Holdings. So it would be like buying back their own investment.

If these rumors are true, Apple is probably looking to combine their PA Semi acquisition with the talent and technology at ARM to create some sort of super low power, high performance, RISC chip design team.

Comment Re:Article premise is completely wrong (Score 1) 514

I'm not sure you're making the argument you think you are. OS 9 was an unavoidable step on the way to creating OS X; Apple had to release something while all that work was going on behind the scenes. NeXT was formed with a small group of hand picked individuals that Steve put together. Steve had nothing to do with what Apple did from the mid 80s to the mid 90s. So we have one thing that was probably not a high priority project for Steve, another that actually supports the premise of the article, and a situation that had nothing to do with Steve.

Comment Re:Steve Jobs is worse than Hitler! (Score 3, Informative) 432


You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Exactly what does Apple hold a monopoly over? Mac OS X? Apple iPods? Or maybe machines based on the A4 processor? Even in areas that Apple is one of the strongest, such as music sales, portable music players, or smartphones (even though that is just a subset of the cell phone market), there is still plenty of healthy and growing competition.

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