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Journal Journal: P2P and Windows SP2

Can a user really tell if her/he is downloading the true windows XP upgrade package via a BitTorrent. The only way this could be resolved is the same way web certificates are authenticated. You have to have a third party (in the case of certificates, verisign) authenticating your download. Microsoft could kick in with support bit for torrents which is the most efficient way to distribute a file through the net. But mark my words, Microsoft is not going to support bit Torrent for the simple reason it is a freely available technology, something that Microsoft
is not. Microsoft exist out of the premise that
if you want good technology, you have to pay for


Journal Journal: Hollywood's anti-war list on line?

Just read http://www.elnorte.com/espectaculos/articulo/303470/ that the site www.celiberal.com published a black list of actors in Hollywood (anit-war) but the site seems to be offline. Weird.
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Journal Journal: My first entry

This is going to be my journal as a happyd developer for embedded systems using Linux. twang!!

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