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Comment I am a very slow reader. (Score 1) 207

When I read King's "The Stand" I pictured people crucified in the electric posts along the highway. I imagine birds pecking at their heads as the sunset sets in. I heard in my head the whirring sound of a motor bike puttering along the highway. It felt normal, and yet foreign. I reminisced of Planet of the Apes forbidden zone with the furry warning effigies. The bongos, the drums, the ocean waves deafening sound as bright eyes falls on his knees. It felt like an eternity. Then I turned the page.

Comment Re:Clarify one of his statements (Score 1) 98

I think he meant:

if ( is_safe() )


while ( true )

On the first snippet the programmer believes that safety can be pursued with an if else clause which is not the case in the real world.
The real world is not if else. The real world is fuzzy logic. The real world is more akin to the Monte Carlo Method.
A collection of approximations.

Comment Deconstruction algorithms. (Score 1) 50

I wonder is they are going the wrong way about it. The dialog's between the user's and Siri are
truncated and one-sided.
What Siri needs to do is to collect conversations for one or two years of millions of users and learn
to carry it's own conversations before is ready to help anyone.
Perhap's Siri needs some help from the people in the NSA.

Comment Re:Um excuse me ... (Score 1) 543

Well Duh!
Parse for

and replace w/

hell, you can collect the line numbers of every location where joe_method2() is defined
and joe_method() and then swap the occurrances and create a report and on post it on web
using Python or Ruby or Bash or Perl and hell, reverse it on the fly if need it.
Sometimes IDE gives you the illusion of knowledge. Sometimes you cannot right-click your way out it a problem.

Comment Soft targets? (Score 1) 111

The pattern reveals media and social companies as the low hanging fruit. As long as they don't do a big hit on the 3 big ones: Apple, Google, Amazon then there is not much cause for alarm.

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