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Comment Re:Sweden, 1 year (Score 1) 832

Canadian mat leave is about 60% of your normal pay but only up to the EI insurable limit, so it can't be more than 60% of about 45k. You only get it if you and your employer have been paying employment insurance (EI) premiums, so there's no benefit if you don't have an income. Employer top-ups, if you have one, generally don't cover more than a few months.

I have been seeing a lot more fathers taking a month or two lately, including one older EE who took the last 2 months while his wife went back to work. The most common scenario seems to be for the father to take the first month or two off along with the mother.

Comment Re:Here in Canada ... (Score 3, Informative) 631

In Canada, the rule is that if the employees don't pay a reasonable charge for a meal then it's a taxable benefit: Subsidized meals
You don't pay EI premiums (employment insurance) on it but you deduct pay income tax and CPP premiums (Canada Pension Plan). If they only sporadically work overtime then providing meals for those times isn't taxable.

Comment Re:Hello, its the 21st century (Score 1) 455

Go to and tick the "only telecommute jobs" box. I was doing an 80% remote team lead/developer job for the last few year that paid a fair bit more than $16/hour. I switched to consulting and I have clients I've never met in person who are happy to pay over $100/hour for someone who'll keep them in the loop and get things done.

Comment Re:Very nice.. (Score 1) 267

Making an app available on Android generally doesn't double the revenue they were making on iOS. There have been a number of iPhone apps that have ported to Android and found that their support costs go up but they don't make nearly as much revenue. There are certainly exceptions but they tend to be big apps that can get a lots of views of ads, like Angry Birds.

Porting from iOS to Android is far from trivial. Plus Android users will post bad reviews for apps that look too much like iOS. So you have to redo half of the graphics and some of the UX unless it's a game. At that point, it takes nearly as much work to do the Android "port" as the original version.

I don't have the time to keep up with 2 platforms in depth and, personally, I just don't like Java or the tools. It'd take something far more compelling that lots of eyeballs (without lots of dollars) to make the effort for Android.

Comment Re:Analysts saying the obvious? (Score 1) 171

The 10k guarantee is not for any app that makes 1k. The app needs to go through "Built for BlackBerry" approval that's separate and comes after the app world approval. The bar for "Built for BlackBerry" has been set so high that the BB dev forums are full of posts questioning if anything is getting it at all. Seeing the very few apps that have passed that approval, it seems ludicrous to think they wouldn't make 10k. So the guarantee is really only a hedge for top-shelf apps against the platform bombing.

Comment Re:Good luck with that. (Score 1) 1387

It's not even that clean-cut. You end up with mixed unit generations. I can't think of stuff from the size of an eraser to an armspan in anything but inches though smaller stuff makes sense in mm (or decimal portions of a mm for precision work). But I have no feeling for the length of a mile or reasonable speeds in mph. People weigh lbs but food weighs grams, except potatoes. I wouldn't mind except we don't seem to be encouraging the younger generations to make a more complete adoption of metric. We just went partway then stopped.

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