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Comment Re:Their software cost an arm and both legs yet... (Score 1) 35

For such a large software company, their bug tracking is a joke. I reported an issue where the select by location tool was not selecting accurately, and in the end they admitted it was a known bug with high severity but no planned fix date. Now this makes me anxious because I am worried that there could be other bugs affecting the accuracy of my work, but the bug tracker does not let you see all the open bugs for a given product, nor can you subscribe to updates on existing bugs!

Comment Re:Medical Software (Score 1) 953

In an ideal world there would be a government-controlled specification that all medical software would have to adhere to, and there should be a requirement for interoperability so that data from one system can be exported to a common format and imported into another. Of course there will be changes to the specification over time which means you will always have to pay a vendor for updates (unless there was free open-source software available).

Comment Re:You think this is a Game? (Score 1) 483

If DNS providers would provide a standardised API (or even allow standard dynamic updates with TSIG) it would make it a lot easier to use multiple providers. The two main problems I have come across are that the providers often do not let you add any NS records other than their own servers (so when a resolver caches the NS records and that provider goes down, it won't try using the other provider until the TTL expires), and updating records is painful because it involves logging into each of your providers websites to make the changes.

Comment Asset labels (Score 1) 429

No longer an admin, but I have always given servers names based on their asset label, e.g. SV-0700543. The benefit of this is that the servers must be recorded in the asset register before they can be set up. When it comes to virtual machines I simply used a counter, e.g. VM-000001. The important ones (fsmo roles, database servers, app servers, etc) get friendly names with dns cname records.

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