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Comment My daily routine (Score 1) 635

I'm lucky enough to live close to the ocean, so I surf on my lunch when the weather is nice out. Otherwise, I'll take a 2.5 mile walk or bike during my lunch. I need to get off my ass after sitting in front of the computer all morning, and have just made it a part of my daily routine. I have three kids, and don't want to take time away from them (nor pay for a gym membership), so I find that this works best for me.

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Submission + - Anonymous Denies It Was Behind Sony Hack - Again (

RedEaredSlider writes: The hacker collective Anonymous has denied that it took part in the attack on Sony's systems, saying that the group or its members have not been known to steal credit card numbers.

A press release posted on Daily Kos, by Barret Brown, who claims extensive contacts with the collective, says, "Anonymous as never been known to have engaged in credit card theft." The release also says that the perpetrator could have left a 'calling card' to frame the group's members.

Sony was hit with a massive cyber attack on April 19, which resulted in the theft of details for nearly 100 million users of the PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Online. Credit card details for millions of users were also taken. Sony has said that the attack displayed a high level of sophistication, and that it came right on the heels of a distributed denial of service attack that took Sony's PlayStation Network offline for a few hours.

Comment Re:Cool but... (Score 1) 126

Wow, kind of a reminder of how much they've changed. These days it's, "You need an Apple technician to replace the battery / hard drive / casing / logo..."

That is why I haven't owned an Apple Computer since my old and faithful Apple ][e. I used that computer from around 6th grade until I was in my first year of graduate school, when I finally bought a 386DX PC. Crazy, I know.

And finally, a story where my user name makes sense...

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