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Comment Re:It could have been worse.... (Score 1) 1131

Go read the edits on Aisha's page itself, all this information has been posted there along with supporting references. That it is not in the current article is more an abuse of the POV 'requirement' than anything else.

Once more, with feeling...

You're not getting this. That site is not a reliable source. No section on any Wikipedia article should ever be titled "Some thought-provoking suggestions." This is not the place to push your point of view. Stop adding this text. — HelloAnnyong

Comment Re:Apple's high "Not Invented Here" mentality? (Score 2, Interesting) 34

I didn't think that Flash was a problem because of Apple's high "Not Invented Here" mentality. I thought it was because they want to to keep applications that are programmable off of the iPhone to prevent device hijacking and other not so fun things from happening to customers' iPhones. Anyone have some concrete information on this?

Adobe wasn't able to produce a decent player for OS X in terms of security and performance. Do you think they are going to keep up with iPhone updates? They won't, but they don't care either, because anything special on one device, can't be ported to another. And their intention is to get a piece of the mobile market cake, not just to run on the iPhone. So the expected result will be applications featuring the lowest common denominator of all devices. So it's basically, you let me get to a position of power over your platform and I will give you sub standard applications in return. Not a good deal.

So foreseeing that, Adobe used the cry baby Lee Brimelow to create public opinion against Apple. Example: Flash is slow because evil Apple won't provide accelerated h264. That's a lie, you have accelerated video using the Quicktime API (which they finally use in the next Flash player), but don't expect a security nightmare like the Flash player to get direct hardware access just because you are Adobe. Not even if you really really want the chance to control the video codec to keep your options open.

And then there is the "work for a more ethical company", and "screw you Apple". No Adobe, YOU go be ethical creating a decent player for OS X, and forcing your tools into someone else's platform.

Comment flash on mobile devices? really? (Score 1) 34

It is also in a surprising, and growing, percentage of mobile devices.

A phone-like device attempting real vector graphics (not the Flash lite subset) requires hardware acceleration. At most you get marketing stuns, like the HTC Hero running Flash... at 1-2 FPS. Either someone creates a dedicated chip (not going to happen), or you bruteforce the problem (eg: HP Slate & his 1GHz chip), which is also a bad idea. But nvm because here they talk about Flash lite and yet they title their book "Advanced Flash on Devices" . If you like advanced, try WebGL on HTML5.

covers both mobile and device development with Flash Lite, as well as upcoming Flash 10 for smartphones and other non-PC devices.

Upcoming? as in what? it's been 3 years since Adobe announced upcoming flash for smartphones.

Comment freedom to shit on the pool (Score 1) 711

Old news:
  1. Adobe says his workaround to convert Flash apps to the iPhone is going to follow iPhone OS updates.
  2. Apple doesn't believe them because his Flash client is still a security nightmare and lay waste to OS X CPUs. Even worse, they blame it on Apple because their steaming pile of crap is not allowed direct hardware access to the GPU.

In the words of Joe Clark:

This was the weekend those of us with high standards lost their remaining residue of patience for ideologues who hyperbolize about open systems without actually creating something people want to use.

This is not about you programming Python on your microwave, it's about users doing their fucking work. Are they going to benefit from some half ass attempt to run your shit on a phone? no? then go do that on the Android Market.

The motto "It just works" requires some level of control. Otherwise users (not you fellow ./, this was never about you) are back to square one worrying about installing apps that break, malfunction, or are plain retarded. Gruber said it right: "Apple doesn’t want everywhere, they just want everywhere good".

Comment Re:Java (Score 1) 535

In fact, to join in with the recent Apple-bashing (which I whole-heartedly agree with), I'd suggest that mobile app development will move away from the iPhone, in favour of Android phones. When you are investing time and money in app development, there is simply more certainty in developing apps that will live or die on their merits, as opposed to Apple's 'approval' process.

Real numbers say otherwise. The growth in development of iPhone apps is unmatched. Joe Clark explains why talking about the iPad:

This was the weekend those of us with high standards lost their remaining residue of patience for ideologues who hyperbolize about open systems without actually creating something people want to use.

An example of this is Apple rejecting.. how many? 40 out of 170,000 available applications? consumers don't freaking care, they just want something that works. If you do care, check the iPhone graveyard for explanations why. But back to the point: you are delusional to think your Apple bashing will "move away development from the iPhone". Just check the iPads sold today, more units than the iPhone. Get a reality check mate.

Comment Re:Why OSX? (Score 1) 244

Codeweavers have ported mainstream titles to the mac, like Modern Warfare, Team Fortress, Left4Dead, and many others, even the Steam client itself. However, it would be great to have a native Steam client, and since it is mostly a webapp, it shouldn't be too difficult to port. Just do that, and you will be able to sell on a different platform.

Comment Re:So they should (Score 1) 507

Jail breaking exists because there is a demand for features that apple refuses to provide. Easy examples: Flash, multitasking, tethering.

I'm an apple hater, someone who doesn't even have an iphone, and even I know this.


  • Flash: not made for mobile devices because it lacks hardware support. See firefox for maemo, or 1 FPS flash on HTC Hero.
  • Multitasking: 80% less battery life. Push notification: 20% less.
  • Tethering: Not allowed by carriers because their networks are not able to cope. See AT&T on NY.

Apple is doing right.

Comment Fun (Score 1) 65


Be safer by using open-source. FileVault is a proprietary tool from a big and famous manufacturer. This means that you can be sure that there is a built-in backdoor for government bodies to use.

On the other side...

There are known problems with EncFS, as it only support basic POSIX operations (no locking, extended attributes, etc...). This works well for simple file storage or multiplatform applications, like MacPorts, Firefox, Thunderbird, etc..., but encrypting your whole homedir is known not to work.

So what is your priority? avoid file corruption or avoid the NSA?

Comment Kindle DX (Score 1) 684

  • Less eyestrain. Because it reflects light instead emitting it, the contrast between screen and the environment is always well adjusted. Not enough light and you will be forced to adjust the lights of your room. With a LCD, you may even read in the dark, but your eyes will complain later.
  • It's lightweight. 3Gb in 0.5Kg, and even more books on your computer. Tired of increasing your object counter? buy an e-reader.
  • It reads PDF. The good: rendering is perfect. The bad: lightweight fonts (like Birka, used on most O'Reilly books) lack contrast. You can still read it displaying half the page in landscape.
  • It reads mobi and other open formats.
  • Amazon Store. If you are bored just download the 1st chapter of a dozen books. If you like them, you can buy in seconds.
  • It works. I won't stop using my Kindle no matter what because it really is a book, just not one made of paper.
  • Battery. e-ink only needs energy to change the page, not to keep it visible. I charge my Kindle once per month.
  • Big screen. It's able to show a whole PDF page without scroll. That's a big a plus for me. Hard to find on other e-readers.

Why not:

  • e-ink is just for books. It sucks for everything else, like magazines, browsing the web, games, or whatever.
  • You can get an iPad for the same price. An iPad has a real browser, games, apps, music, a 10 hour battery, and enough power to read PDFs and do who knows what once jailbreaked.
  • AZW = mobi + DRM. You can unprotect them with the unswindle hack, but it's a hassle. Needing authorization from Amazon (or whoever) to access your freaking books is so 1984-ish!

Comment Re:If Apple Really Cared... (Score 1) 409

If Apple really cared about empowering the user in the style, manner, and spirit of their legendary 1984 commercial, they would make Flash available -- or rather allow Adobe to make it available -- on the iPhone, Touch, and iPad, and allow the user to decide which user experiences work best for them. Apple only cares about profits and control these days, having become the very thing they once railed against.

Does that apply to the Mozilla Foundation too?

Firefox for Maemo RC3
We’ve decided to disable plugin (not to be confused with add-ons, which are supported) support for this release. The Adobe Flash plugin used on many sites degraded the performance of the browser to the point where it didn’t meet our standards.

Attempting Flash playback on a phone cripples the device because there is no hardware support for vector graphics.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. --Steve Jobs

Flash Lite doesn't. Hell, even my badass Mac Pro freaks out playing Flash. I just tried and got WebKitPluginHost at 93% on one core. Look, Flash performance on OS X *desktop* is abysmal, it is utter crap. You don't want that on your iPhone.

You can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new. --Steve Jobs

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