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Submission + - Phishing Attack Uses Domains Identical to Known Safe Sites

JThaddeus writes: Current versions of Chrome and Firefox are vulnerable to a phishing attack that uses unicode to fake the appearance of a legitimate website. Additionally fraudsters can use their unicode domain names to get certificates from LetsEncrypt so that the the browser URL is visually indistinguishable from the site it is copying.

Comment Re:Is it an LGA771 Xeon or a 1366 Xeon? (Score 1) 240

My Mac is a 2 x 2.93 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon system with 8 slots. The folks at Crucial told me that I can pack in more RAM than what Apple originally told my I could do and I may go to more density later. I find that the best way to extend the life of a computer is to max out the RAM.

But I think that Apple is not all that interested in computers any more. They're an appliance company.

Comment Re:Computers are dead (Score 1) 240

"Apple will be transitioning you to a tablet soon. They do not care about computers any more. Their hardware will be designed to be replaced in one to two years."

This doesn't make sense. The iPad has an incredibly long useful lifespan - arguably the longest of any of their products.

I have the iPad 3. It uyses the wide charging/data transfer cable. It cannot be upgraded to the latest iOS and there are some new applications that will not run on it. So, I have to respectfully disagree with your characterization of its lifespan as "incredibly long." This is not to say that it's useless, but it is going through the same replacement cycle that early personal computers did, with application and operating system "improvements" driving replacement frequency.

Comment Re:Owner sees it as not awful (Score 1) 307

I have been a tenant. In fact, I was a tenant for a good 30 years. And I was a very good tenant; I always paid on time, I never made trouble for my co-tenants, I was quiet and respectful of others, I concerned myself with building security, not letting anyone in that I did not know, did not trash any of my apartments, always left a forwarding address with my landlord and the utility companies and contacted my landlord in writing and by telephone whenever there was an issue in the apartment. I was described as a model tenant by more than three landlords.

I never, once, tried to gain leverage over a landlord by using the laws which favor tenants. I wanted a place I could call my own with no issues and with the kind of privacy that one generally wants in one's life. That was my perspective as a tenant. Pay on time, pay in full, be respectful, be quiet.

Landlords who have tenants like this never, ever want to lose that tenant. We did have a tenant like that and we loved him. But the maximum that a tenant will stay in an apartment is, on average, two to three years. We like our current tenants, even though they are louder than the previous one.

Comment Re:Owner sees it as not awful (Score 1) 307

That will depend on your state.

As a practical matter, lifting your hand against a tenant is usually a bad idea. Since my apartment is in an owner-occupied building, getting a restraining order against the tenant may be the best way to move them out, though I may forfeit back rent.

We had a lease that allowed them only one car in the driveway. They had two. We were "okay" with two until they started violating their lease and trying to get us for mold (there was none) in their apartment. They actually took us to court over mold, even though they brought out two people (county health inspector and a testing company) who said there is no mold. As tested, the amount of mold "in the ambient" (this would be the outside air) was higher than it was in the apartment.

So, we posted a sign stating that unauthorized vehicles would be towed.

The fifth day that sign was posted, we towed one of their cars. And, ladies and gentlemen, that got results. We also discovered that they were taking a child to another town to go to school, so we told that town (giving them proof of the child's true residency as well as photographic evidence). That was a really bad week for them

We eventually paid them $500 to leave, which was about half rent. Then they took out a lien on the house because they had not received their security deposit or the $500 yet. Our attorney was holding the money for them until they could not appeal the judge's decision. Since he was holding the money, the lien was "property libel." and they could have gotten in serious trouble for that. Our attorney informed them that they would be lifting the lien immediately, or else they would find themselves in prison. They sent him a check to release the lien.

Towing a vehicle is the exact thing to make a tenant fear you, especially in the middle of the night by a tow company that does repossessions (they are quiet). So our current lease states, "Parking is a Privilege, Not a Right." Violations of the rules or the lease gets them towed.

Comment Re:Owner sees it as not awful (Score 1) 307

Wage garnishment is just this side of impossible, but I have to get social security numbers in order to check credit.

I did go to court against the two who were trying to make money off of me. The deck was well-stacked against me. I watched as the judge gave at least 20 tenants continued rights to their apartments while they paid their landlords nothing. On average, a smart landlord who is very pro-active will need three months (of no rent) to get a tenant out. The only way he or she can recover past rent is in Small Claims court, and that is close to impossible when a tenant moves and moves to avoid service.

Comment Computers are dead (Score 3, Insightful) 240

I have a Mac Pro; it is my production machine and it's an early 2009 "Cheese Grater." It has 32GB of system RAM and, I am told can go higher (though Apple says it can only pack 32GB) and I have definitely upgraded the standard disk drive that it came with (I have all four trays full). I will probably get an SSD drive for its startup drive fairly soon.

But Apple has become an appliance-maker with a limited "shelf life." They make way more from their tablets and smartphones than they do with their computers and I believe that adding the word "pro" to their tablet is an indication of something. There are no user-serviceable parts inside their phones and tablets, even though iFixit regularly takes them apart. But they're pretty clear that you cannot upgrade the insides and all you can do (if they offer parts) is replace what is there.

This means that the lifecycle of the phone or tablet is one to two years, which is a real moneymaker for Apple. I kept my last Mac for ten years and plan to keep my current Mac Pro for ten, as well. As to the cost of their computers, I really don't care as long as I can expand it—their trashcan model is definitely not expandable and one cannot change out the graphics card, so I have not been tempted to look into purchasing it in the slightest.

As to ports, I have what I really need on my Cheese Grater, though it does not feature the faster Thunderbolt port that the newer Macs have. It does, however, have plenty of USB ports and it has an internal bus that I can swap out cards on. I can also change my GPU and I note that Apple tends to have a love-hate relationship with GPU makers, generally switching companies every one to two years. This means that if you purchase a computer with a built-in GPU, Apple will change their software and their OS to not be optimized for it in a couple of years. Want to use your computer as a main production machine with the latest software? Sorry, your investment is now obsolete.

Apple will be transitioning you to a tablet soon. They do not care about computers any more. Their hardware will be designed to be replaced in one to two years.

Comment Owner sees it as not awful (Score 1, Interesting) 307

I own a duplex and live in one half. We do not cover our mortgage with the rental. I would look at this as an opportunity as, if you look at the laws in my state as well as many other Eastern states, the laws are heavily biased against the landlord. Because what the landlord sells is time, and you can never get that back.

So, what I found interesting is that the landlord gets information on the possible renters. That way, the landlord can pre-screen.

What we use now is Craigslist, Zillow and a broker (all three at once). We also put a sign out. We get "inquiries" off the websites and the only information I get is the name that the person decided to use on the website (which may not be real) and a phone number. When I call back the phone number to set up a showing, frequently the person will simply say, "Oh, I clicked by accident, I was just looking around." And I get no qualifications. Can they actually afford rent? Do they have full-time jobs? Are they the type that make their living off of screwing landlords (we had a couple who do that)?

So what we have is a long, three-page form we use for qualifications. We check credit, we check past employment. We check everything, except their last landlord who, if they are trying to get rid of a bad tenant will give them a very positive review. We also insist that their take-home pay is three times or more than the monthly rent.

Anything that would allow us to see who is interested in advance would be positive. As, if we need to get a tenant out, we are at a severe disadvantage. Landlords in our area must take at least three months in order to evict a tenant and, meanwhile, the tenant has full use of the apartment without paying any rent and will frequently trash it.

I do realize that lots of readers are good tenants who would never trash an apartment, and who always pay on time, but I have seen the other types and they are just not fun to live right up against. I never, again, want to hear the words, "You don't know what I'm capable of," from a tenant.

Comment Re:Despite how funny this is, it IS serious (Score 1) 154

What about the approval of his countrymen? We (the United States) do not necessarily agree with everything that Angela Merkel or David Cameron does, but they remain in power. And there are countries without nuclear weapons and missiles. We may not agree with everything that Luis Guillermo Solís, Juan Carlos Varela, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf or Ernest Bai Koroma (none have nuclear weapons, ICBMs and all were popularly-elected) do, yet they stay in power and there is no threat to their position from the United States or from other countries.

The idea that you have to "rattle a saber" in order to stay in power is foolish. Only despots have to develop a system of force to gain, consolidate and remain in a position of power. And that is what makes North Korea not funny.

Comment Despite how funny this is, it IS serious (Score 5, Interesting) 154

Watching North Korea fail, and do so repeatedly is really funny. What is not funny is their determination. I note that others are suggesting that their rocket scientists are probably short-lived, as are their nuclear scientists. Nonsense. Kim Jong Un does offer special favors for those persons who are successful but a nuclear scientist or a rocket scientist are unlikely to challenge him or his heirs to government positions of power. They are scientists, not political operatives and, thus, are seen as commodities to be used, not existential challenges to be met.

The determination they are showing that they will do everything in their power, including starve their people, in order to produce weapons of mass-destruction is the real takeaway here. While I am happy at their repeated failures, I am not happy at their persistence.

Comment Re:Thanks socialized medicine. (Score 4, Informative) 38

> On $180k income, Australian's pay 50% taxes whereas American's only pay 28%. No, they don't. This grossly overstates how much is paid. They pay almost 45% on every dollar *over* $180k + the tax from the various income brackets below. At $180k, they would have an effective overall tax rate of 30.3%. The amount of tax paid asymptotically approaches 45% as their income approaches infinity.

Comment Re:So.... (Score 4, Informative) 222

...the display of all religious artifacts on public land...

Wow - maybe we should remove all those Christian artifacts (specifically, crosses) from Arlington National Cemetery to satisfy your lust for de-Christianizing all government property, eh? ;)

Have you been there? The monuments aren't crosses. They're just tombstones. The individual buried can have different logos be they crosses, stars of david, or symbols denoting atheism.

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