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Submission + - Linux Process Scheduler Benchmarks (

An anonymous reader writes: KernelTrap has an article about some recent benchmarks posted to the Linux Kernel mailing list, comparing the much discussed Completely Fair Scheduler to the original Linux process scheduler, as well as to Con Kolivas' staircase scheduler. Reviewing the resulting graphs, it seems that the Kolivas staircase scheduler can offer better performance. Ingo Molnar performed additional tests and concluded that the extra overhead comes from being completely fair and providing precise scheduling. He offered a patch to improve the performance of the new scheduler, but cautioned that as with other schedulers it comes at the cost of accuracy, 'tasks working off the timer tick could steal away cycles without being accounted for them fairly, and could starve out all other tasks.' Ingo added that the performance improving patch will not be merged into the Linux kernel as accuracy is more desirable than micro benchmark numbers, 'unless the difference was really huge in real life — but it isn't.' The bottom line is that the new process scheduler will offer a significantly smoother desktop experience as compared to the old Linux process scheduler.
Red Hat Software

Submission + - Red Hat CEO talked patents with MS

c3ph45 writes: Before the Novel-Microsoft deal, Red Hat was in talks with Microsoft over patents. Thankfully, the deal fell apart before Novel made their infamous partnership with Microsoft. As has been reported before, Red Hat doesn't plan to enter into any patent agreements with Microsoft, but it leaves open the question: What if both Red Hat and Novell had entered into such deals? One large vendor doing so has caused enough disruption. How would the community have coped with two of the largest vendors doing so?
The Internet

Submission + - Puzzling Wikipedia edits on wrestler's murder (

glesga_kiss writes: An interesting article on wikinews points to edits of WWE Wrestler Chris Benoit's page on wikipedia suggesting foreknowledge of the murder. Edits from an IP in Connecticut, later followed by one from a wifi provider in Australia state that he cancelled an engagement due to the death of his wife. These were posted 13 hours prior to the polices discovery of the bodies after concerned family members asked the police to check up on him after erratic behaviour. A member of the Wikimedia Foundation has suggested that the IP address quite likely belongs to the WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.

Submission + - Talk With Live Linux Experts on Dell's Forum

An anonymous reader writes: Dell has been surprisingly committed to Linux recently, but not without some shortfalls. Tomorrow may be the best opportunity for recent purchasers of Ubuntu on Dell, or those thinking of purchasing, to clear up any inconsistencies or confusion about Dell's new offering. Ben Collins, the Kernel Team Lead for Ubuntu, and John Hull, the manager of the Linux Engineering team for Dell, will be available on the dell's linux forum on Wednesday, June 27, from 8-10 AM CST and 8-10 PM CST to answer any questions.

Submission + - Novell worries about GPL v3

An anonymous reader writes: In its annual report for the fiscal year ended October 31, 2006, Novell expressed concerns over how the new version of the GPL may affect their business. Microsoft might stop distributing Suse coupons if the GPL version 3 interferes with their agreement or puts Microsoft's patents at risk, ultimately causing Novell's business and operating results to be adversely affected.

Submission + - Silencing brain activity with light

An anonymous reader writes: MIT scientists have figured out how to silence brain cells, simply using pulses of yellow light. This may offer a new, safe, way to treat treating Parkinson's, epilepsy, and psychosis — which are currently often treated through surgical removal of brain tissue. The paper was just published in a new Web 2.0 journal, PLoSONE, which allows any reader to comment on any paper. Check it out here.
Puzzle Games (Games)

Submission + - Be rich for an Eternity (II)

sl0wp0is0n writes: Those who missed the chance to make a neat $1 million last time by solving Eternity, dubbed "World's toughest jig-saw puzzle", should mark their calendars. Eternity II, an even tougher version of the puzzle, hits the shelves July 28, 2007. Last time, a couple of British mathematicians won $1 million by using their computers at home to crack the puzzle. They used a combination of probability theory and clever computer programming for the teask. This time, the author, Viscount Christopher Monckton, has doubled the prize to $2 million, while enlisting maths experts to ensure that the puzzle cannot be solved using a computer.

Interestingly, in order to boost the sales of the previous puzzle, the Viscount also took help of a PR campaign, claiming he had to sell off his 67-room mansion to pay off the prize money. Wonder what he will do this time!

Submission + - Logitech Noise Canceling Headphones Review @ Tweak

Nathan writes: "Article Url: nceling_headphones/
Article PIC: nceling_headphones/img/email.jpg

Article Snippet:

"When compared to other headphones with a similar set of features, the Logitech set is a great value for a quality product. The ability to reduce unwanted background noise is a welcome feature for anyone who travels and the detachable audio cable make them convenient to use even when not listening to music. Clear, crisp sound along with a sturdy carrying case round out a product that I can highly recommend to anyone in the market for noise canceling headphones.""

Submission + - Free Blender Course From Tufts University

An anonymous reader writes: Tufts OpenCourseWare is offering a free 3d modeling and animation course entitled 'Three-Dimensional Modeling, Animation and Rendering Using Blender 3D Software.' The course includes over 100 video tutorials in real media format and over 20 pdf tutorials. Just like MIT OpenCourseWare, all courses are free and there is no sign-up required.

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