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Comment Re:business as usual? not if you pre-ordered Diabl (Score 1) 57 Blizzard announced in their forums they will be allowing people to get a refund of the preorder amount when ordering digitally. Doesn't really help if you really wanted the collector's edition but seems like a decent move on their part when they weren't even the ones who took your money.

Comment (Mostly) Pointless Finger Pointing (Score 1) 143

I'm not sure why this has quickly devolved into a discussion over whether Android or Apple is less safe in regards to the apps available for it. A far more useful discussion would be how can we as end users protect ourselves from these practices. I like to think I'm a cut above the average person (not necessarily the average slashdotter) by being somewhat selective about the apps I install, paying attention to the permissions they request, and running an iptables based firewall to whitelist the apps that I allow network access to. Even with that though I can't claim to be immune to downloading an app that has some malware on the backend. I've resisted the idea of antivirus/antimalware programs so far as I find that my phone's resources are quite limited enough as is. I'm not all that concerned about premium SMS either as I run a prepay sim with no extra funds on it. Can anyone point out any other obvious practices I may be missing?

Comment Re:T-Mobile's OPTIONAL Censorship (Score 1) 67

As I wrote earlier T-Mobile turned this on without asking or notifying me when I switched service types. The first time I went to a blocked site however the error page clearly stated why it was being blocked. So it is very clear when you have hit a blocked site. It was a little more annoying getting it disabled but did take less than 15 minutes.

Comment I ran into that (Score 4, Informative) 67

When I switched my T-Mobile Sim from a contract to a prepaid sim it automatically enabled this 'feature'. I didn't notice until it blocked access to a 2nd Amendment forum. The process for getting it disabled was fairly annoying as well. They wanted all kinds of odd information from me to verify my age. I suppose they were doing a public records lookup. The guy on the phone said it's because children can buy a prepay sim. If AT&T wasn't worse I'd probably have just cancelled service with them.

Comment Re:I should see what he's written recently (Score 1) 23

I read that book when I was in high school. A quick peek on Amazon seems to suggest it's out of print. Maybe I'll pick up a used copy. I remember enjoying it immensely. I never knew at the time what an impressive resume he has. I can't begin to recount how many forgotten realms books I've read to say nothing of our own adventures in the setting. On the upside it looks like he's got a star wars book coming out in a couple months so I'll be able to give that a go.

Comment Re:I don't see the problem (Score 2) 143

It wasn't anything too in depth. Certainly not analogous to a video game like some of the comments here. It was basically a series of short tests for applicable skills. There was a typing speed/error rate section, then some audio listening/transcribing stuff. It's been a while and I wouldn't be surprised if newer ones are getting more in depth but the goal seems to be essentially the same.

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