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Comment These Tests were Unfair a long time ago (Score 1) 25

Some time around 1996 I was trying to get MCSD and they failed me by no more than 3 points 8 times on the last test. I had bought nearly every book on the subject. I have lost faith in these tests. There was even a question asking me if i'd suggest using Microsoft products or not to a client.

I think they just didn't want to give me the certification. I even asked to challenge it, and I was told I could only challenge a question.

Comment These IDE's just get int the way. (Score 2) 40

ADT and Android Studio just seem to get in the way for me. Many times, i've been troubled trying to compile apps with ADT and Android Studio. I used to have to create the project with ADT and Load it into Android studio sometime.

android create project straight from the shell just works better for me. Ant compiles quickly, why compiling with Android Studio just takes forever. Even this new gradle thing doesn't seem to work well. What is gradle supposed to buy me? I just want it to make, not download a bunch of crap first.

Comment Brick Machine (Score 1) 47

I've always enjoyed having a computer that's off and not even connected to the network, and watching people trying to hack my computer, while I'm fake typing and clicking. They seem to wonder what I'm doing and walk around to try to get a glimpse of my screen....

Comment Modern Weak Languages (Score 0, Troll) 283

It probably has lost popularity because all of these newbies can't handle a more powerful language, and have to go back to basic like languages. I could do lots with little code in Perl. Python looks like a BASIC with some c and perl features.

Comment Microsoft Redwest - No office space (Score 1) 310

At Microsoft Redwest, vendors don't have office space. I saw many people working on the floor in halls. Others in the lunch room. You were expected to work from home. Some like me were good enough that they would make office space. Sometimes vendors would gather on the floor in their lead's office.

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