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Comment Re:So an old man says TVs are too complicated? (Score 1) 234

Front tech-bench employees got into a routine of charging $60 for a diagnostic on any computer problem (non-refundable). For a virus, they'll run an anti-virus scan ($30), which fails to remove the virus, and cease trying (manual removal gets disciplinary action from the tech supervisor). They inform the user that he needs an OS reinstall. That incurs $70 for a back-up service and $60 for an OS re-install. Then it's $30 for each additional software--if you want your new OS to not die immediately, you'll pay $30 to install anti-virus and $30 to install anti-spyware, plus $30 if you wanted MS Office installed again. Everyone who walked in was $300 of sales.

It's cheaper to buy a new machine at this point.

Comment Re:Really, Anton? (Score 0) 221

My country was having a problem with a certain central american country's citizen's coming to this country as tourists and never leaving. We solved the problem by requiring all citizens of that particular country to apply with our embassy for a visa before they could enter the country. Anyone arriving in our country from that country without a visa was immediately reboarded and returned to their country of origin, at the airline's expense.

Comment Re:US BS (Score 1) 438

>In a matter of fact, I would bet that the two new streaming options CRAVE and SHOMI owned by the already dominant Canadian telecommunications companies Bell and Rodgers, will have great big shit eating grins on their stupid duoloplistic faces...

Given their ownership, it gives me even more reason to NOT subscribe to them.

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