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Comment Re:Really, Anton? (Score 0) 221

My country was having a problem with a certain central american country's citizen's coming to this country as tourists and never leaving. We solved the problem by requiring all citizens of that particular country to apply with our embassy for a visa before they could enter the country. Anyone arriving in our country from that country without a visa was immediately reboarded and returned to their country of origin, at the airline's expense.

Comment Re:US BS (Score 1) 438

>In a matter of fact, I would bet that the two new streaming options CRAVE and SHOMI owned by the already dominant Canadian telecommunications companies Bell and Rodgers, will have great big shit eating grins on their stupid duoloplistic faces...

Given their ownership, it gives me even more reason to NOT subscribe to them.

Comment Re:No future (Score 1) 65

Two stories about people not using wifi.

I know a guy that claims to get headaches not just from any wireless source, but from any electromagnetic source. He won't use a cell phone, cordless phone, wifi and doesn't even like standing next to a PC... but a Mac is fine.

Second, the company I work for moved offices recently. In our new office, 2.4GHz wireless is so slow because of all the access points in the area. We're moving back to wires in the office as a result.

Comment Re:I've made my peace with systemd (Score 5, Interesting) 242

I'm sort of right behind you. I can understand SystemD for creating the tools to make a good desktop. However, tools that make a good desktop do not necessarily make a good server. That's where I see the problem.

I run Linux Mint on my desktop and as long as it works, I don't really care what's under the hood. However, I also maintain servers where I care very much what happens under the hood. For example, I care about being able to read plain text logs and I don't understand what possible reason there could be for storing logs in a binary format. I also don't see the need to have a super complex system configuring my network interface simply because in a typical server environment your IP address doesn't change often, if at all.

I'm definitely looking at FreeBSD again (it's been 15 years since I touched any BSD outside of monowall/pfsense) and am using it for a new project at work that's currently in Alpha testing phase. I'm doing it because it's more in line with my KISS preferences but I will admit that I miss iproute2.

Comment Re:Unsurprising (Score 1) 137

It's Richmond, not Vancouver, that's trying to encourage english in the business sphere. The reason is because there are so many chinese only signs that many non-chinese aren't even going into the city and it's hurting the city. I know that I only go into Richmond when I absolutely have to, and there's no reason for me to go. I haven't been there since I quit my last job that was in Richmond over a year ago.

As for the Quebec referendum, the only problem I had with it is no one asked the rest of the country if they could stay. That would've been a VERY different referendum if that happened.

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