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Comment Re:not really unique (Score 4, Interesting) 136

while phone number is unique at any given moment, it doesnt necessarily mean it stays with same person. Most providers sell the used numbers some time after they got inactive. Good luck to the new buyer of 1000 ranked number :)

When I moved to the US, I bought a T-Mobile SIM. A month later, I started receiving robo calls from a debt collector. After about 10 of those calls I finally gave in and called them back on their 800 number and they gave me the name of some guy they were looking for. Probably the previous owner of the number...

Comment Re:40%? No. (Score 2) 352

This is how the "40%" looked in real life: http://www.crackajack.de/2013/08/18/google-goes-down-for-2-minutes-fucks-up-100-of-all-journalists/

(Mind the circle in the yellow graphics: It shows the real decline in internet traffic at the German Internet Exchange (DE-CIX), the largest internet exchange point worldwide.)

Further reading: What is DE-CIX? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DE-CIX

The vast majority of Google traffic bypasses internet exchanges and is carried directly between ISPs and Google.

Comment Re:Stating the obvious (Score 2) 204

Hardly radical. Power stations have done it for years, some other food processing factories have used the heat to warm up greenhouses to grow tomatoes.

A radical idea would be putting data centers in a cooler climate so they can be cooled more with ambient temperatures.

For example like Google's Hamina data center? http://www.google.com/datacenter/hamina/

Comment Re:Silicon Valley is dry as hell (Score 1) 332

Bullshit. After 1 minute of searching I found this: http://www.google.com/intl/en/jobs/uslocations/mountain-view/swe/software-engineer-business-applications-mountain-view/index.html "Strong programming skills in Java or C/C++ and extensive knowledge of Unix/Linux and scripting skills (Perl, Shell, Python, XML) " Oh, I thought you said "good Java programmer". Thought so...

Submission + - AMD gets monkey to install graphics card (techeye.net)

tenori writes: In a bid to convince you that it's really really easy to install a graphics card in a desktop gaming machine, AMD has enlisted a monkey to show you how it's done.

Comment Re:Know your market. (Score 3, Informative) 964

Mod parent up. People that regard this as racist have probably never been to Poland or any other Eastern European country. For historical reasons, you will very rarely see black or Asian people in any of those countries. Having an ad with a black person is just not believable. Personally if I saw a local add like that in my home country it would immediately say "ah, this is obviously a US add, so the product is probably very US centric", simply because the ad shows a black person. This is not racist, it is just a fact. Americans probably don't notice it, but for "political correctness" reasons many American publications always made sure that every group of people they showed always had a mix of races/types of people. If you ever watched a cheap teen movie that has a story about some group of kids, the group would always have some white kids, one of them being fat, at least one Asian guy and at least one black guy. Not having this combination of races/types of people in the movie would be considered politically incorrect in the US. Seeing a group of people of mixed races is an everyday and normal thing. Seeing a group of people of mixed races in Eastern Europe is a rare occurrence, so a picture with a black person will immediately tell you that the picture was most probably made outside of the country. Imagine an ad showing a couple driving to work in a car - a Volga Coupe. Would this ad be believable to you if it was shown in the US? No, because you would never see that car driving down an American freeway. What the ad does show is that Microsoft is cheap. Instead of taking a new photo, adopted to the local market, they just photoshoped an existing one - badly.

Opting Out Increases Spam? 481

J. L. Tympanum writes "I used to ignore spam but recently I have been using the opt-out feature. Now I get more spam than ever, especially of the Nigerian scam (and related) types. The latter has gone from almost none to several a day. Was I a fool for opting out? Is my email address being harvested when I opt out? Has anybody had similar experience?"

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