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Comment Re:Google Made Apple And Microsoft Look Like Fools (Score 0) 311

why do you leave the other consortium partners out of your post? Like Sony, RIM, EMC and Ericsson? I think Google is in way over their head in the mobile space. They charged into a legal minefield with no plan and now they're grasping for straws. Spending 12.5 billion to cover a mistake isn't exactly smart.

Comment Re:He is right - is he? (Score 1) 311

consumers do not win if Android wins. They only one who would benefit from such an outcome would be Google's shareholders. Consumers win when competition stays healthy. FYI, Apple has already proven that it's really hard to make phones cheaper (and better) than they do. This just smacks of Android fanboyism.

Comment Re:monopolies (Score 1) 722

Wow, just wow. "Apple has kept their overpriced"... Really? They seem to be pwning tablet makers ATM. No tablet maker can match their price. I can get a refurb 3GS for $49 from ATT. The one thing Apple does right is make sure that any customer (not just some uber nerb SD reader) that plays with the device, decides to buy it and takes it home can actually use it without help. My dad calls me all the time to ask PC questions. He's never called me to ask how to use his iPhone that his company provided him and he sends me emails from it, plays games on it, sends text etc etc.

Comment Killer at the gate (Score 1) 609

The security gate really is useless. If terrorists wanted to do any damage at all they'd simply walk to the security line and detonate their bomb. You could probably kill just as many innocent people on a busy day as bringing down a jet liner. Brute force security will never work. Israel got this right years ago. As an example, (I'm not an American) I travelled to Amsterdam, (Schiphol airport, one of the most secure airports in the world). Even before checking my bag in I was confronted by airport security and asked for my password etc. He never asked to touch my junk, he simply ask me some straightforward questions. Like, why are you here, where are you going etc. Based on my responses he was able to make an intelligent decision that I didn't need further screening (no doubt I had remote eyes on me too). The gist of it is that less intrusive, more elite force security will get you MUCH greater results. TSA != intelligence and intelligence is exactly what we need but we're too damn cheap. Every single country that has dealt with terrorism knows that brute force is exactly how the enemy wants you to waste your resources. Terror has won when we are kept captive by ourselves.

Comment Re:You know what I want? (Score 1) 118

what the hell are you talking about? The only apps that have ads are those that you didn't pay for (try buy an app you like some time). If you're using Safari then it's not different that browsing the web with your desktop browser (although on desktop it's easier to block ads with plugins). There is no such thing as ad injection capabilities on iOS. You better get back under the bridge before you get hit by a car.

Japanese Game Developers Go West 84

donniebaseball23 writes "More and more Japanese game studios and publishers are looking toward the West. But as the industry becomes more global, is this really such a bad thing? From the article: 'Gameplay is an art that transcends borders, and it simply makes good business sense to keep your eyes open for opportunities no matter where they present themselves, as Zenimax, EA and THQ clearly have. Far from ruining the Japanese gaming industry, it may in fact save some of the best Japanese developers from considering retirement or a career change. They'll be able to make games on their own terms with their own original IP, and shouldn't it ultimately be about these creative types being able to realize their visions?""

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