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Comment Not everyone is the bastard you thought they'd be (Score 1) 1316

I was recently promoted. There was no hard number attached to the promotion immediately, so when I met with my manager & the VP to discuss my new responsibilities I took the opportunity to put a number out there. A week later when the number was actually delivered to me it was more than 15% higher than the one I had suggested. My manager explained that they didn't want to reduce my salary just because I had misread the situation.

So, yes; within certain tolerances they will pay you only what they have to pay you to keep you as long as they need you. What you have to understand is that while this is just business it isn't always inhuman.

You have to think of yourself at all times as a single employee business who's interested in maintaining a relationship with a larger business to mutual benefit. When it ceases to be mutually beneficial then someone will end or change the relationship.


Submission + - DARPA Lays Out Plans for Future Iconic Programs

docinthemachine writes: "DARPA — the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency is at the core of hundreds of amazing projects with countless future-tech devices produced. Tthe agency has just announced its roadmap for 2007 and beyond. reviews the major areas where they propelled advancement (TCP/IP protocol, Stealth, unmanned vehicles, etc) and a roadmap for their major future target projects- along with an overview of the potential medical offshoots of each. The major future thrust includes chip scale atomic clocks, molecular anti-terrorism sensors, unmanned aerial rovers, new space initialtives, high productivity computing systems, real-time language translation, biolgical warfare defenses, prosthetics, low-cost titanium, alternative energy, and high energy liquid lasers. Docinthemachine boils down the report to the essence of how our military R&D arm will change the future of military and biotech. Details are at ments/"

Submission + - Where are all the hdtv tuners?

An anonymous reader writes: Today I read about rabbit ears making a comeback with OTA HTDV. I want to purchase a standalone ATSC HDTV tuner to go with my projector, but I am having a very hard time finding one. The big-box stores seem to only stock one or two models and are frequently sold out. Searching online yields similar results. It would seem that there would be ever increasing demand for these tuners given that many HDTVs were sold without internal tuners in years past and these tuners will be necessary for all old NTSC TVs after the February, 2009 shutdown of analog broadcasts. Where should I look to buy one of these devices? Of the currently available models, which are the best? Will the standalone HDTV tuner become a ubiquitous item as the 2009 deadline approaches?

Submission + - Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) 5x coverage

An anonymous reader writes: This past weekend saw the fifth annual Southern California Linux Expo in Los Angeles. Press coverage was a little better this year than in previous years: LXer has day 1 and day 2 individual coverage; The Jem Report has a writeup on the women in open source mini-conference and a summary of the whole weekend; the Haiku guys wrote a brief commentary on their experiences at SCALE 5x, as did event speakers Celeste Lyn Paul and Dru Lavigne.

Submission + - Hate Dishes? Automatic Dishmaker

aibrahim writes: "Hate dishes? the DishMaker is a prototype for a new kind of appliance that can replace dishes altogether by making cups, bowls and plates on demand and recycling them when you're done. The DishMaker takes advantage of a little-known shape-memory property of acrylic. Video at YouTube."
The Almighty Buck

California Balks At Internet Sales Tax 268

bob_calder writes "California has walked away from $2 billion a year in revenue by declining to get on board with a group working to standardize tax rates so a national tax on Internet sales could eventually be implemented by Congress. Supporters of the tax think they still have a chance in New York, Texas, and Florida. At the moment the largest states pursuing the Streamlined Sales Tax Initiative are New Jersey, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. California didn't want to give up its autonomy in setting taxes to a coalition of smaller states."

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