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Comment I found a radioactive waste "neutralizer." (Score 2, Funny) 251

I don't know if fusion has radioactive waste since it deals with light elements, but, I found a business (watertorch.com) that says its product neutralizes radioactive waste. Why would we want to turn Hydrogen into Helium anyway, we can't remake it because it takes too high of temperatures. Therefore, we should stick with fission and neutralize the radioactive waste with the Water Torch.

Submission + - SPAM: Company Professes Cure for Radioactive Waste

bwogowly writes: From the company's homepage, "Brown's Gas is simply WATER ~ in a special and unique form. This 'high-energy' form of water has the capacity to positively affect every aspect of our lives. It can enhance our health; dramatically lower the cost of manufacturing products; improve the environment; even neutralize radioactive waste. Sounds too good to be true? We know. In fact, even once you experience this gentle, eco-friendly, yet powerful gas, you'll still be astounded."
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Submission + - Nanoantennas Transmit/Receive Light as a Wave (smartertechnology.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: We all learned in college how light is a both a wave and a particle, but all our optical fibers work on the particle aspects of light--piping photons around. Now, however, researchers in Germany working at the institute where Heinrich Hertz (after whom Hz was named) have created a system that transmits and receives light as super-high frequency radio wave. If they can perfect the technique, then nanoantennas will enable communications up to a million times faster than optical cables today.

Submission + - OLED Breakthrough Yields 75% More Efficient Lights (inhabitat.com) 2

Mike writes: "Researchers at Korea's Advanced Institute of Science and Technology recently announced a breakthrough in OLED technology that reduces the ultra-thin lights' energy consumption by 75%. The discovery hinges upon a new method of creating "surface plasmon enhanced" organic light emitting diodes that boast 1.75 times increased emission rates and double the light intensity. With OLED's popping up everywhere from keyboards to cell phones, tv screens, and lamps, the development marks an exciting step towards an entire spectrum of more energy efficient electronics."

Submission + - Root Words (myspace.com)

Devin Wesley Harper writes: "I was wondering how many words a language needs and I thought up a way we can find out that and what ones. A computer program that would regroup words in a thesaurus according to which ones are connected by it. It could organize the entries in each category from most to least popular. E-mail me if you'll do it, thanks."

Submission + - 2008 Astrology Predictions 2008 Presidential Race (blogspot.com)

Ginn writes: We put together the "astrological" charts and predictions for the Republican frontrunners in the 2008 Presidential Race. Thoroughly unscientific, we thought it'd be cool to look back and see if any of the "predictions" came true. Next up, the Dems.

Submission + - Black Holes-the Real Danger

bwogowly writes: "We should wait ten to fifteen years when our reverse-cassimere affect technology can sheild us from the black hole that is to be created by our cosmic collider. There is nothing more than Protons, Neutrons, Electrons, and Positrons. It is safe to assume that all black holes were artificially created in the same manner as we will in May 2008."

Submission + - All black holes were artificially created.

bwogowly writes: "This thought scares me. The cosmic collider's pulse could expand the universe initially and when we predict the black hole's collapse it instead sucks our whole section of the galaxy out of existence. I propose waiting fifteen years when our reverse cassimere affect technology is good to shield us from black holes and to put this around the cosmic collider. Basically, there is nothing more than electrons, protons, neutrinos, and positrons, anything else all chances say we die when we test the cosmic collider. Watch me near it's time of completion get arrested for dialing 911 on them. I thought we had the right to life? I protest this project."

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