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Comment Re:Ultra Power Saving (Score 1) 313

My Droid Ultra lasts about 2 1/2 days using it as a smartphone, with 4G & wifi, location services and GPS all turned on. I do have bluetooth turned off, and nighttime power saver enabled. Also it only takes like 15 minutes to charge to 85% battery. I use it quite a bit to take pictures for eBay, and the eBay app on wifi during the day at work. It's quite snappy in performance, decent enough screen size and resolution for me. Now we do have a repeater in the building, I know the one thing that kills alot of phones is when you have a weak signal, and it has to boost power to continually ping the tower.

Comment Re:I did way more than that when I was 5 (Score 1) 784

I truly feel I learned everything I needed to know by age 5. Back then I could soak up knowledge like a sponge. I have an IQ of 150 so I have the ability to learn most anything. By the way, I didn't learn to tie my shoes until age 6, because I refused to let anyone show me. I started my own BBS when I was 12, and my own ISP and business when I was 18. My father died when I was 12, so I began working full time and going to (er. well sleeping during) school and running the BBS.

Comment I did way more than that when I was 5 (Score 1) 784

I used to work with my dad starting at age 3 (not every day, but 2 days a week or so, just to spend time with him). I would wire up electric outlets (he would inspect before I'd push them in and plate them) By age 5, I was using a circular saw to repair a fence. By age 8 I was using heavy equipment (bulldozer and backhoes), and I was driving trucks at age 11. When I was 5, he would send me with $20 bill to the convenience store or to McDonalds to buy lunch for us and his worker. ($20 sure did go a lot farther in 1982, lol, i'd even bring back change) This was usually a few blocks away. Also at age five, i'd ride bikes on a 5 mile circuit of back roads with my two cousins age 6 and 10. Of course, we'd also ride in the back of a station wagon with faces pressed against the back glass, or in the backs of pickups, with no seatbelts. Sigh, kids today.

Comment But how to make money?? (Score 1) 99

Ok, I understand if you comprimise a PayPal account, you could transfer money to another Paypal account and withdraw. And that you can sell the information perhaps... But other than that, how can these people make money from a Botnet? Maybe could apply for credit card with person's info, but that seems slow. The article said what $17,000 a day. And as far as transferring money, seems risky, as someone had to setup the account transferred into.

Comment Delaware most epensive (Score 1) 199

No kidding on that, only 1 choice (other than cell providers) and that's Comcast, and it costs me $67.xx for 8to12mbps/3mbps service. I'm not really worried about speed at home, just wish cheaper, I'd be happy with a 3mbps service for $19.95 if someone offered it. I just use it to remotely log into servers, check security cameras, read slashdot. (ie. surf porn) Meanwhile across the border in MD, I get Comcast Business for $74.95 and get 32mbps/8mbps service. So 4 times faster for $7 more a month. (and no business class isn't available at my home)

Man Put On "No-Fly List" While In Air To NYC 300

An unnamed man flying from Nigeria to New York City found out he was added to a no-fly list somewhere above the Atlantic Ocean, when the plane stopped to refuel in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Officials won't say what he did or why he was added to the list after he had already boarded a flight. He was not immediately charged with a crime and Customs and Border Protection will only say that he is a "potential person of interest." From the article: "The man, a citizen of Gambia, was not on the no-fly list when he boarded the aircraft in Dakar, Senegal, said a US official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the issue publicly."

Comment Who would use a debit card off primary checking? (Score 2, Informative) 511

This is what an American Express card is for, you use it for your daily purchases, and you pay it off at the end of the month, no interest or fees. (other than annual fee). You get up to 20 days of float on your money also if you were to keep a money market account that you write just your mortgage payment out of etc, and use your Amex to pay everything else. If place doesn't accept Amex, then I'd recommend Paypal's Mastercard debit card, you transfer money into it, so you're never going to overdraft it, and their fraud dept is really good, and they are prompt on their security investigations. Plus again, it pays you interest on any balance, and cash back on (credit) purchases. For my business I made my merchant account (credit card processing) account a totally seperate account than my primary checking, I siphon money off every morning to the business account. But, that way if someone does a chargeback for a a large purchase and they put an investigatory hold on my account, I don't have vendor, payroll, mortgage checks bouncing... then again, I don't anyway, because I deal with a local regional bank (only 10 branches) that calls me anytime there is any problem, and gives me a few hours to make it right. This is why you don't deal with the bank of america's of the world. With a small bank all money deposited (including checks for anywhere) are available for withdrawl immediately, any overdrafts are recorded at night, and you have until 11am the next morning to make them good without paying any sort of fee, should you overdraft, they will go ahead and pay the item, and nearly all the time refund your overdraft fee if you talk to them. This is one way to get small loans, as they will let you overdraft your account and pay it back a couple days later for just a $30 fee... yes $30 might be alot on a $2500 loan but comes in handy in an emergency. This is why you get off your lazy a$$ and go to the bank and make deposits, INSIDE the branch, not the drive through. You get to know your bankers, and they get to know you. My bank offers free remote deposit capture, including they will give you all the hardware, but I still go into the bank about 4 times a week, just to make myself known.

Simpler "Hello World" Demonstrated In C 582

An anonymous reader writes "Wondering where all that bloat comes from, causing even the classic 'Hello world' to weigh in at 11 KB? An MIT programmer decided to make a Linux C program so simple, she could explain every byte of the assembly. She found that gcc was including libc even when you don't ask for it. The blog shows how to compile a much simpler 'Hello world,' using no libraries at all. This takes me back to the days of programming bare-metal on DOS!"
Open Source

Licensing an Abandonware Game? 148

WolverineOfLove writes "I'm recreating a 1980s abandonware game with copyrights that have been seemingly unused for the past 18 years. The situation is detailed further in a Slashdot journal entry I just wrote, but in short: Is it worth dealing with all the copyrights and paying money if I want to recreate an abandonware title as an open source game? I know there are legal implications to certain decisions I might make, but there is a real possibility that this game's copyright holder will do nothing with the rights, and I'd much prefer preserving it for others than letting it fade away."

Comment Unethical NewEgg trade practices (Score 1) 447

Ok here is the real problem. There are 5 authorized distributors for retail boxed cpus. Newegg has admitted D&H is the distributor. Newegg is a direct to end-user retailer. How/Why is it that they are able to sell to an end-user for $288 when the same cpu to valued D&H partners wholesale is $305. This is very unethical. Newegg should not be able to sell to end-users for less than a reseller is even able to buy the cpu for. How are we to be competitive? We're not. Newegg strongarms distributors all the time. ASI is a big drop shipper for them and they sell stuff to newegg for 10% less than their listed "cost" in their system. This is why there is such a huge gray market anyway. A reseller is committing suicide to buy from authorized channel. Here's the other issue, they are claiming that D&H SHIPPED them 2000 cpus and 300 were fakes. Newegg doesn't stock ANYTHING (ok a very small percentage) it is all drop-shipped. So these had to ship directly from D&H to customer (someone post the address of the warehouse of your fakes). Newegg sucks, they can't ever manage to ship same day even if ordered at noon EST. Especially if you pay for next-day air. I've paid for express shipping from NJ to MD (1 day ground typically) and receive the product a week later. I get products faster from them via USPS Mail Innovations (the cheapest/slowest method) than I do from UPS/Fedex. Worst part is Newegg can't tell you where the product is, or when it's shipping (b/c they drop ship everything). It makes no sense that you can order from any other computer company up until 5pm/6pm/7pm EST and have next day, yet you're lucky to get something from Newegg even shipped for 2 days+

Comment Re:your life? (Score 1) 422

Hmm, I'm not in sales, but lessee I know at least 20+ friends/family numbers, 8 of my biggest vendors, citibank & amex, both bank branches, all 8 of my businesses voice lines, all the data lines lead numbers, many of my customers numbers (a dozen+), at least 7 takeout places. I can remember vendor 800 #s from years ago that long since went out of business, all my old BBS numbers, old cell & isdn phone numbers. Remember all my old DNS numbers, several Microsoft 25-digit alphanumeric COA/VLK numbers (for novelty purposes, love looking a customer's COA# and going that's pirated and them disagree so I google it for them and there's 30,000 matches for same COA) social security, drivers license, license plate numbers. (being from delaware though do have advantage of a 6 digit plate # and a 7 digit license number though) Like I said before, many credit card numbers, bank account numbers. If it's important you should be able to remember it without writing it down. Now in my old age (33) I do find I've forgotten the 208 bones (or how ever many there are), and I'm sure I can still name nearly all the elements but not tell you their number. They've done downgraded 1 planet on me, but I can remember the 8/9 planets and order still. I order hundreds of items a month and can remember the cost of each. I own a retail sales/service store. I remember wiring up electric outlets with my dad at age 3, using power tools at age 5, and driving the backhoe & bulldozer at age 9. I remember every single construction job I ever went on. When he died, I got a job at age 12 doing farm labor, and by age 14 was driving a $2mil automated sweet corn picker, and driving 10-wheel trucks to make deliveries. When I was 16 I worked at a grocery store for 32 hours a week, went to school full time, and worked 16 hours a week refurbing pallets of NASA surplus equipment. At 18 I started my own business and worked 108 hours a week until my doctor made me promise to cut back to only 80 by the time I was 30. Point is people are LAZY. I don't use my wireless phone much, pulling up the stats I've had it 51 months now with 429.5 hours of total talk time (about 17 mins a day). It's a Motorola V267, very durable phone, always 5 bar service. (probably SARs off the roof) I do most of my business calls on a landline. I could easily live without the wireless phone, it is not my entire life.

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