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Comment Re:C strikes out again (Score -1) 127

Or just use the openbsd tools and practices. strlcpy() and friends. Adding another layer won't make shitty brogrammers any better. People writing and using security software should have known better. But the code was so bad nobody wanted to look at it. Everyone failed, everyone. Including the OpenBSD project. On top of that, they purposely added their own memory allocation tools, thereby preventing the built in tools from finding the bugs. (exploit mitigation mitigation). There's no evidence but man, come on, this was done on purpose.

Comment Re:pollution hurts the environemnt (Score -1) 869

Exactly! But guess what? CO2 is NOT pollution. Instead of spending billions or trillions of dollars reducing carbon output it should be spent reducing actual horrible things like NOx and thousands of others that ACTUALLY fuck things up. Unlike CO2 which makes my tomatoes and weed grow stronger faster longer better. Make no mistake, these regulations were written by these very industries to stifle competition.

Comment Hi! (Score 0) 69

Fuck off Cunt. I can't blame you for selling out to make money, I honestly would have probably done the same thing. But I didn't and you did. Fuck you. I always thought you were a twat in those make magazine videos, but could never put my finger on it. Turns out my gut was right. Enjoy your millions, shitbird.

Comment Re:As an EMC employee in Massachusetts... (Score 0) 97

So why did you sign it? You caved in and signed what you think is a shitty agreement. You weren't entitled to that job. Now because of YOUR mistake and lack of backbone (or maybe you were in a tough place and didn't have a choice, I get that) you want to use the violent, coercive force of government to fuck with contracts. I don't like it.

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